Philips Hue Bridge not being seen from outside of network

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I've been an Exede customer for three months now. Having moved from Google Fiber to satellite I've had to get used to a few things. Most of my problems have been remedied except for one: Getting my Philips Hue Bridge to be seen on the Internet.

When I'm on wifi (I have the Exede router) I can change the lights on my hub just fine. When I switch over to LTE on my phone it says I cannot connect. My Internet blue light is blinking on the Hue hub.

I've tried noodling around the port settings and forwarding to the IP. I know the Philips Hue Local network IP because I'm using Fing. I just can't get it to get outside my network so I can control lights from afar. I feel moderately comfortable getting into the nitty gritty settings if someone could explain where to start. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has come about this problem- just need to find a way to correct it.

Thanks for the suggestions.  
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Posted 3 years ago

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I would do some Google searches for some answers.  Found this website that may help.
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Thanks for the link. I did try some tips I haven't seen before. Let me clarify what I've done so far:

Moved the Hue Bridge from the router to an extended router on the same wireless network
Opened Exede's admin settings to try and DMZ the in home 192.168.x.x that the Bridge is on
I can control lights while in the house
Reset the network and started again
Switched ethernet ports on the router

My hunch is that it has something to do with Exede IP distribution and that on Google Fiber I had a static IP but not on Exede I do not ( It often thinks I am in Louisiana or southern Missouri, for which I am not at either) 

I wonder if this is a call into Excede. I just can't be the only Exede customer with Hue lights. 

If getting the 2nd generation Hue Bridge would work I'd be for it, I guess. I'd just hate for the same thing to happen.

Thanks for the continued tips.
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Hello kwjayhawk  Please contact the manufacturer to see it is compatible with a satellite service. This is a third party equipment d and we will not be able to assist you.
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Exede Diana,
Why am I not surprised by your answer. "It's not our fault, it someone else's fault". But hey at least I wasn't writing about the 450kps download speeds the other day because I'm sure you'd chime back with well our 25mb is up to* with the asterisk being in a vacuum at 2am when you've not oversold your bandwidth...  

Great first way to be greeted by an Exede representative. I would love to know if there is a list somewhere of all things that work everywhere else but on your network. By your logic I hope you don't help anyone with xbox, playstation, any Voip that's not yours, etc. I hope you just help by telling them plug in the router and good luck! 

Truth be told, I was able to get the Internet light to stay solid after working on some DMZ and DCHP lists in the settings of the router but only for a few seconds at a time before going into the app. I'll still continue to work on it and hope that other customers have found solutions and are more willing to help than you. 

Cheers to those who can be more helpful than people who say 'sorry (not sorry), not our problem!" :)
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You're an idiot.

You just flamed one of the most helpful and sincere employees in all of the ViaSat organizational structure, which includes exede.

To what extent do you expect an ISP to be totally aware and proficient in 3rd party equipment? exede has nothing to do with your connected customer-supplied accessories.  exede supplies internet, sometimes not as well as we would expect, but it's there and they are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade their system so everyone will have a better internet experience, including you.

Contact Phillips.  They made that junk so they better be ready and able to guide you through the process of making it work.  FYI, exede does not block incoming TCP/IP or UDP connections and only blocks a few ports known to be favorites with hackers and other scum that abuse internet technology.  If your toy doesn't work, take it back or contact the people that made it, exede had, and has, nothing to do with it.
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Thanks Craig! 

I think the first sentence I hear from a company is "not my problem" is grounds for being frustrated. Reading other forum posts I don't feel out of line. 

A simple "sorry you're having problems. I wish we could be more help. Have you tried ... , Sadly we can't account for every device on a network but hope someone can help you in the forums or online." I expected that and was ready for it. Delivery makes a huge difference. 

I'm glad others can get help from the Exede representative. I'll go figure out my toy and probably give up because it really is a toy. But thanks for your info on TCP/IP and UDP. I'll try to dig deeper when I have time for the toy. Glad it's only a toy.