Phanton data loss-Phantom bandwidth.

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My bandwidth has always been iffy but now its like being on dialup...Good grief! and I have not used 10 gigs this past month and I have not used half a gig since yesterday.. Pa-lease. And bandwidth and data usage should be retroactive. Why should I give that back to exceed. Only way I can not use great amounts of data is to just  stay off line...I would recommend to my friends, why? Why do I have to keep complaining about this. I assume Excede has some intelligent people working for them so why cant these issues be addressed. Ive been with exceed over two years and its getting worse...Why is that?

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Posted 4 years ago

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10 gigs is not that much. Two people, doing no streaming of music or video except a MAXIMUM of 10 mins per day on weekends, Max of 30 minutes of social media per week, email, browsing, keeping out operating systems and antivirus and fire walls up to date and, online shopping use on average 1 to 1.5 gigs per day, 30 or more per month. And that's with Windows 10 set to metered connection and strict rules about how much of what we are allowed to do online.

Beyond the basics, I allow myself 4 hours gaming per week or, ONE game update for ONE game per month, but if I do that, I cannot play again until after my billing date. My partner is allowed to download ONE audio book and 3 podcasts per week, that's all and, that uses all of our 30 GB of priority data.

This month I will likely go over by 0.5 to 1 GB because I allowed and out of stat friend who does not have internet at home and, is a truck driver, so hard to get wifi without having to pay 20.00 for a whole day of it at a truck stop he is only at for an hour use my wifi to get an audio book and check his Facebook page.

As for using more data over the years. Yes just browsing the web does that. a decade ago, when I got WidBlue, 17 GB per month was ample data, now 30 is not enough but, ti's the most I can get so I have to make due with that until the next satellite is in orbit and operational.

I haven't changes what I do online but, the internet has changed. Sites are geared for unlimited, high speed connections because that's what the majority of the world has. Those of us that prefer rural life despite the lack of wired services have to make due with Satellite, the best thing we can get, but with a limited supply of data we get to use each month. Better than dial up or no internet but that's as far as it being better goes.

If you send an email with your account information to, they can tell you what your data was most likely used for. Updates, video, browsing, downloading, etc.... can all use data and, some things do so in the background or while your computer is idle.
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they will just tell you your router has been hacked even if you do not use one, and if you do not use one they will say updates, same story over and over even if you have proof. I think the number #1 rule for exede is "always assume the customer is lieing"  and treat them like they are idiots when it comes to technology.  1st 6 months of service ran very nicely after the install was finally proper. never came close to my 10gig limit now the past 3-4months data gets sucked up even with the lan cable unplugged from modem after reset with free zone (so they modem catch up excuse can not be used in this case) never mind that the useage Never adds up, my meters ALWAYS show way lower than their meters (when theirs does work) half the time their meters do not work. and esvt usually shows different from the dashboard also.