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Paul Signman Stuart EXCEEDED limit in 10 days, 20 days of dial-up just got 2nd month allotment still @ dial-up speed and using 5% a day checking emails and social meetings. 3rd day 20% down the drain and a 2 year contract. BIG MISTAKE
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Paul Signman Stuart

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Posted 6 years ago

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Paul I'm making zero excuses for Exede and any misappropriate usage calculations they may or may not be doing but I found that I have been able to cut down on quite a bit of usage using them the same way you do by always being extremely vigilant in making sure I did not allow any video related transmissions to even begin (especially on "social media") as that just chews thru your allowed allotment
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It seems like you're enjoying your services at a fast pace.  I would like the opportunity to discuss some data usage tips with you. We can discuss your daily activities and find ways to stretch your data for the month.  Please send me an email to with your contact information and the best time to reach you.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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Data caps=milking the customer. Forcing the customer to micromanage their data use, is that good customer service? When I call with a problem and find out it was that I reached my data cap, you guys add to the anger by trying to sell me data when I'm already paying a premium. I would jump ship if I could but I can only get sat service out here. I'm sure there are many exede customers in the same boat and exede knows it. interesting. Are you meeting your customers needs. Listen to your customers and grow your business. Mark Dankberg said the quarter saw increases in average revenue per subscriber and expanding margins in satellite services. This goes back to "milking the customer". Why not grow your business providing a good service at a reasonable price which will attract more customers. I know margins are important but even more so are your customers. Dont tell me what I have to do to make the service better with links and advice, Thats your job.
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NWDANE is spot on!
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Always a good idea to report a problem and do what you can to learn about possible causes for the problem before deciding whose "fault" it is...would love to know the actual stats on this, but I think in the majority of cases of "unexplained" large data usage...that it has to do with something going on with the customer's equipment settings and usage...something they aren't aware of or aren't aware of the implications of.  this is SUCH a common problem and more and more is being written on this subject online....i just today learned about the special setting on windows 8 to help curb excessive data usage...I learned that here....complete news to me....and there are all kinds of other ways data gets used with people just not being aware that it is happening.  the only real defense against this problem is self education on the subject if you don't have a way to have unlimited usage.  Exede does its part with the knowledge base and posting new info like about Windows 8 and about the big problem some have with autoloading videos--and what to do about that...but it will never be exede's responsibility to educate me on every bit of info there is on this vast and complex subject, I go googling and teach myself as much as I can.  I feel SO much better when I have a clue as to what goes on with data usage...
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The data meter is crap on this service. Something should be done, or if they can't code correctly then they need to do away with it altogether. 

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