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Did a service call today for a customer who I installed a VS2 system for about 45 days ago. No signal. Drove out there and found that moisture had somehow gotten into the p-tria. You could easily see the condensation build up on the lens. 

The symptoms were that the speeds started getting slow and the customer found they had to reboot every so often. We've been having  a LOT of bad weather this summer so the customer just figured it was bad weather to their southeast. Finally just went out. 

If you all of a sudden find you can't get online ever after a reboot, you might want to inspect the lens of your tria...this goes for ALL tria types. Do NOT put yourself at risk by climbing on a roof or up a ladder if you aren't used to it and can do so without causing yourself harm. There, that should be enough of a disclaimer.

Here's a pic of what it looks like when this happens. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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And so quickly.  Wow.  I certainly hope that this is just a fluke and it isn't seen more and more.  
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I think when Viasat-1 hit there was a batch of bad trias too.
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Andy Schack

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There were. The O-ring needed some silicone grease applied. 

Fixed many of them by taking the feedhorn off, pouring out the water and letting it dry out. i'd apply a little plumbing grease to the o-ring, reassemble and it was good to go. Never had one of my repaired trias fail again. 

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Just curious,  what are all the things that look like nails that have been driven into the P-Tria? Functional?
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RE: "...when Viasat-1 hit there was a batch of bad trias too."

When Wildblue started, they had thousands and thousands  of TRIAs failing, due to a loose screw, that was suppose to be tight.
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I am on my second round of dealing with this problem, very disappointing especially going without home phone waiting new Tria to be ORDERED / SHIPPED and then installed.
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I am a installer also and we are seeing this problem pretty frequently. Work around- I am starting to tighten up the little hex bolts on the tria . Also if you look at the fins , they are directly pointing towards those bolts which I believe is the manufacturing problem.
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nice we have two installers welcome too the form
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Yes! Can never have enough installers to learn what we experience.
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Heard from two dealers tonight that they are both seeing this with the p-trias. 

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How does this not pop up on QC you would think these are spot tested in mfg lots. I'm sure it is IP rated so that demands testing in rain chambers.
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Not sure why. I could be that the ones they tested passed.......I've only seen one of my installs have this issue. 

The disturbing thing to me is the fact that there is no barrier that blocks moisture from getting from the feedhorn into the tria body itself. On the old style trias there was so all you had to do was pour out the water, reseal, and put back together and it would work. Since these p-trias don't, it's frying the inner workings. 

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Had this same problem, Net went out Tuesday at 9:45 and Got it back on today at 6:30 there was water in the Viasat2 Tria! So Now I will check it often to make sure there is no water in it! If I see any at all I will call them so maybe I will have net until they get here to replace it! It sucked with no net for 3 days! I used neighbors wifi but had to be in one spot in the house to get it LOL
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Get it replaced soon.  Mine filled up with water and was replaced a few days later.

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This is clearly still an issue as I have this problem now after only about 120 days. So of course I am out of the shabby 90-day "guarantee" period and they want to charge me $95 for an installer to come fix this, which is clearly a design/equipment issue, of no fault of the customer....
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Is this defective equipment or Viasat giving their installers well used junk to make new installs?
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Hello James,  Please send an email to viasatlistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information. We are here to help you resolve this issue.

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