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I as others have had issues with data overage reported by exede. I called customer service and asked for a daily usage report so I could track down the issue. They were no help. As I read other concerns i see it is a common problem that needs to be addressed.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes, data usage and loss is probably the #1 issue with exede. I leave the conspiracy theories alone, and, hope that the company is square up, isn't doing anything nasty, just to make extra money. There are a LOT of ways, in this day and age of video feeds(many small, running on the sides of your web pages), that data can be eaten up in hours. I basically NEVER watch any videos, I have an ad blocker that stops 95% of the ads, and, associated memory losses due to the mini-videos(sometimes, you don't even know they are on the page you are viewing..when you scroll down, THEN you see it...but, it is STILL taking you data, because you are ON the page), and, I disable Adobe Flash Player to stop 90% of videos from playing against my wish.
Other problems can be hacked routers, leaving too many pages open, all day long, and downloading/uploading too much material, with large files.
I would suggest making sure your router is safe, and, sorry to say, keep the surfing down to a minimum, and, don't watch any UTUBE, or video activity. This is just the way it is, when we have satellite systems, instead of cable.
I lost a WHOLE MONTH's of Data in 1 DAY...yep...my stupid anti virus update was stuck in recycle mode, and, kept updating/fail/updating/fail(unbeknownst to me, till I got the email saying "YOUR OVER YOUR DATA USAGE)..it was the free antivirus site called AVG...it was almost Impossible to get rid of them, and stop the failed uploads, they have made their product VERY difficult to uninstall. I finally figured something out, and, got them out of my system, but, had to buy 50 bucks worth of extra data. I called AVG to BILL THEM, and, the person was so rude, and laughed at me, and said it was my fault. 
So, before any Excede bashing, one really needs to check all sources of data usage in their setup...it is so easy to have multiple sources eating data, many which we are totally unaware of. Yes, you would think Excede would be a bit more helpful, and, have a list for the top 25 data eaters to share when you call...maybe they do, I have not had any problems in years, except recently I went on a TWITTER BINGE, and, some of the mini-videos snuck in anyway, and, caused a brief problem.
Best of luck with your problem...call a geek, and have them do an in-house checkup, if need be..it's worth every cent to have a stable, working computer system.
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AVG, Avast and others similar to them, like Microsoft, have become very disagreeable.  I have found Panda Free Cloud Antivirus along with Malwarebytes anti malware to be reasonable.

As for web surfing, I run my windows in a virtual machine under VMWare.  I then set an upper limit of 150 kbps (about 3X dial up speed) for the virtual network adapter in the virtual machine configuration file.  I have found that setup allows me to surf the web however I want, and without burning up my data too much.  So far, I'm about 80% of the way through my billing period but only about 50% of the way through my data allotment for my billing period.  Virtually all of the websites that I have visited work just fine with my "3X dial up" speed.
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Exede should just have a program were you can set your own throttle limit in your account settings... But wait. Why do that? Buy more data instead!