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Excellent response and performance!
I have had nothing but excellent service from Excede Internet since I first used them several years ago. This is my second location and have enjoyed perfect reception and throughput. For satellite internet access, (we forget how incredible this technology is actually!) it has been superb, regardless of high latency. Thanks for the continued service in my remote area. The technician that set it up was thoroughly professional and skilled.

Paul Knox 
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Posted 4 years ago

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Brian, Champion

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Paul, I have similar circumstances. I have nothing but praise for the service I've received!
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Paul,  On behalf of the ViaSat, we want to tell you how much we appreciate your positive feedback! Thank you so much for the positive comments.
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Brian, you are our champion! Thank you again for your enthusiasm and continued support. ViaSat and our team appreciates your feedback and help.
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I've been with Exede for only six months so far, and I am also delighted with my service.
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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DebG,  Thank You!  Thank You!  It is so nice to receive positive feedback and it is much appreciated and welcomed.
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Joan Bartlett

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I feel bad for those who have so many problems with their service. I'm in a very rural area in South Ga. and after two years I have had a very good experience. I would imagine your location has a lot to do with it. The service isn't cheap and when you lose connection often, have slow speeds or your data gets zapped so quick, I know it must be extremely frustrating. I'm the only one using internet in my house so I have no problem staying within my 10 gbs every month. Of course you can't expect to stream movies etc. but with Playlater I've even found a way to use Netflix. Maybe when the new satellite is in place it will help with the many problems so many seem to have. I'm just thankful for my good fortune in having satisfactory service.
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Joan, thank you for your insight and for being a loyal customer.  I am pleased the Exede Internet Service is working for you!
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Gregory Davis

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Great to see some POSITIVE feedback. I have been a customer since 2007 , the Wildblue days. Livin g in a rural area they, Wildblue now Esede, have been our way to the Internet. Not perfect but definitely meeting our current internet needs and expectations. I will continue to look forward to what the future may bring.
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I have been a subscriber for 8 months and am very pleased with the service. I had Verizon for many years with speeds around 45mbs and don't miss that at all.  When the two new satellites are launched on orbit, service will even be better and hopefully clear up some of these issues a few customers have. 
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Brian, Champion

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Why would I need to call? Things work very well.

BUT, I did call. Several months ago. A tree had grown into my signal path and I lost contact with the satellite. My call was answered promptly by a very nice person and I scheduled a service call.

The person scheduled to show up called me two days before the scheduled data to tell me he had an earlier time open if I wanted that. 

I have called and been very satisfied, thank you very much.
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Exede Lindsey

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Hello Brian, it’s great to hear you’re a happy customer and enjoying your service. If you ever need anything, just send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and we will be there to help. Have a good day! :-) 
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Bev, Champion

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I love my service. Sure it isn't unlimited super high speed but, I can't get even dial up where I live. Of course my 10+ years with Viasat hasn't all been perfect, but they are, as a rule, responsive and honest when I do have a problem.

I've never had to deal with a re-seller, always directly with Viasat, maybe that's the difference, but, as far as I'm concerned, Viasat beats the competition (other satellite internet provider) hands down. Not always on price but for usability when I want to use the internet and service, yeah, Viasat wins those two - worth the extra it might cost over the competition.

I had no problem signing up for another 24 months when I transitions to a business account. Viasat has been good enough to me to make sticking around an easy choice - no brainer, given my options, go Viasat. :)
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Ludy Gibson

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Well, it's nice to see that there are some who have had satisfactory service, but it has not been my experience. I have had Excede for 2.5 years and am so very unhappy, Had I realized when I subscribed that it was actually Wild Blue, I would have never done so, but by the time I realized it, it was too late and I was under contract. I am no longer under contract, but it is such a hassle to try to find something else that will work for me in my rural area. So sad that companies like Exede 'gouge' customers with such high prices because they knew that people in rural areas have such limited access to good internet service. As soon as I find something else, and will probably just go back to a prepaid plan with Verizon, I plan to drop this high-priced, slow crap.
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I am also very satisfied with the service so far.  I've had it for two weeks and it lives up to the promises.  I was a Hughesnet customer for 10 years and was on Spaceway when I made the switch.

Problem for a lot of people is they do not understand the bandwidth limitations of Satellite Internet neither do they understand the costs involved in providing the service.  Several years ago Hughes was the only provider who was profitable and Wild Blue was still losing money every quarter.  A lot more expenses involved with infrastructure than it is for terrestrial Internet and satellites are horrendously expensive they cost tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars not to mention the cost of launching them and putting them into geosynchronous orbit and then the additional costs of earth stations and gateways ect.

Whereas with terrestrial Internet it's pretty much fiber optic or cable for the end user and a modem.  To compare both performance and costs involved between terrestrial and satellite Internet is comparing apples to oranges.  There is limited bandwidth available and this has to be shared by all users.  It's simply not possible to give everyone an unlimited pipe of data and only pay $50 a month or even $150 a month.  If you need real broadband with 150 to 200 gigs a month or more at a 'reasonable' cost then you have to move back to town...it is what it is.

I used up my first 10 gig allotment in two weeks and have been on the liberty pass now for a few days.  With priority data I was averaging anywhere from 15Mb to 20Mb download and 5Mb upload depending on what testing service.  On Liberty pass I'm getting anywhere from 10Mb to 500 kbps download and around 3Mb upload depending on the time of day.  This is to be expected. 

A lot depends on what spot beam your assigned to and also what channel of what spot beam.  Each spot beam gets so much bandwidth and each channel in the spot beam gets so much and this is shared by all users that are online at that time.  And then when things are busy they have to use traffic shaping algorithms to manage available bandwidth.  A lot of it for us the end user is the luck of the draw depending if your on an overloaded spot beam/channel or not.  If your lucky your liberty pass will be pretty decent whereas with others it's hard to get anything done when everyone is on their terminal and you have used up your priority allotment.  And sometimes if there are a lot of people on even your priority is going to run slower than what you would like.

I am satisfied with the service as I understand the limitations on one hand and am used to having a satellite internet system.  I can fully understand the angst of those who have had real broadband in the past and are now paying as much as if not more for their internet as what they go when they lived in town and yet are getting poorer performance.  It's the price we pay for the luxury of living out in the boonies and like most things in life there is a tradeoff.

I am not employed by viasat or exede and my comments are my own.  I am an educated customer and I don't leap into a contract without checking everything out in advance so I know what I'm getting into.  Satellite Internet is what it is and I understand the limitations involved.  With looking at all the costs involved believe me when I tell you that having any satellite internet at all for under $200 a month is a bargain considering the fixed costs in providing the service.