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I live in WY near the MT border. I've been told that Exede still has this area of the country on a very old old satelite and therefore cannot offer any good plans (in fact the website says no plan available anymore for this area) I've had WildBlue since 2007 and when Exede bought it there was some improvement but since then the choices are minimal. Your best plan here is the 15GB which is not much in this new world of Internet. Also, you've partnered with Direct TV. I have Direct TV and never have problems with their satellite like I do with Exede here. Makes no sense.
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Makes perfect sense. To get better service, Exede needs to launch another satellite into orbit. That takes tons of time and money. You can't just go to Wal mart a buy a satellite and a rocket to launch it beause, well, it really is rocket science.
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Hello Leslie,

Different plans exist in different areas and that's largely tied to the beam you are in, how many people are on, what we can provide, ect. We are launching a new satellite at the end of the year to double our bandwidth, provide bigger data plans, and extend our reach. Unfortunately this is a long and expensive process (we originally planned for this summer but SpaceX had some delays and we had to find a new company to launch our satellite.) and the thing is that launching a satellite takes several months to plan out so that's why it's not like next weekend or anything. Bunch of planning, money and science has to go into the launch. I definitely agree with what you said about today's internet. Internet and internet habits unfortunately has been shaped over the last few years by DSL and Cable connections so 15GB doesn't last as long as it would have before Netflix happened. But with ViaSat 2 we are looking to answer some of those data and ability frustrations that several rural customers have. Stay tuned, the next 6 or so months are going to be very interesting as more information comes forward.
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It's been since about 2008 since Exede acquired Wildblue that things changed. In other words, you've probably launched 2 or 3 satellites since then, but WY/MT is still on the same ole beam as 2008 without the benefit of your launchings that you advertised to me then. Those new satellites only benefited people on the coasts. So when you say 'End of the Year', well, been there, heard that. Only if you tell me that the new launch will change our beam does that help. I certainly understand I cannot go to Walmart--but waiting almost 9 years--that's a lot of patience on my part.
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Only one ViaSat launch in that time (ViaSat-1). Its coverage area was focused on the larger demographics east of the Mississippi and along the west coast - larger market to achieve return on investment.  

ViaSat-2 scheduled for launch early next year and probably several months before fully operational after the launch date. It will cover the continental U.S. (as well as other areas - e.g. Caribbean, Atlantic shipping and air routes, etc.)

The ViaSat-2 delay is explained at the bottom of the following post:


Follow the schedule at http://spaceflightnow.com/launch-schedule/ - once it shows up you'll have an idea of when it will launch.