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Websites such as this one tend only to see the complaintis that customers have.  Very rarely does one read when everything is running the way it should.  I was a customer of Hughesnet for 9 years and it was the same way on their forums.  If Hughes, Exede and others were really worthless pieces of trash they would go out of business as in the end it's the customer that makes or breaks a business.

Problem most of the time is customers are used to having cable or wireless internet which is usually really fast and has a reasonable bandwidth.  Then they move to the boonies and find out the only thing available to them is satellite internet service and expect a similar product to their terrestrial based experience.  This is flawed for a number of reasons as the bandwidth limitations, equipment expenses to loft a multi-million dollar satellite into space in synchronous orbit not to mention the downlink facilities, ect.  Whereas with cable or wireless it's basically fiber optic into the headend and then the physical distribution network of cabling or the wireless towers and equipment.

With my one month review I can truthfully say that Exede has pretty much met or 'exceeded' expectations.  I started out with the Liberty10 plan to give it a shot.  With Hughes I was on a daily cap of 250Mb and it reset every morning at 5am local and then the unlimited downloading was between 2am and 7am.  If you 'fapped' out with this plan it was a 24 hour or less slowdown before you were up to normal speeds again.  Like many here I used more data than I expected.  I didn't watch it very carefully with Hughes and I used up my 10Gb in about 12 days.  There were a few substantial updates that accounted for a fair amount of that cap however.

What I was interested in was the speeds when I went over to the Liberty access.  During off peak times I was getting 5mbps to 10mpbs download speeds and around 5mbps upload which was as indicated that I could expect.  One thing with Hughes is anytime you wanted to connect a secure website [https] for some reason it would always slow down to almost dial up speeds ad with Exede it's as quick with the secure sites as it is standard so that is a big plus. 

During the peak use times obviously it slowed right down but standard web browsing was still acceptable.  The way they traffic shape they try to not inhibit standard browsing but if you want to download files, run video or do a lot with mail then it slows down.  During peak times I was getting anywhere from 250kbps to 1.8 mbps and this is understandable.  I was on Liberty access for almost 20 days and at no time was the service unusable even during peak useage. 

Most of the times I could watch youtube videos without a lot of buffering and I also used a download manager to download the complete video and then watch it which is a good workaround when the system is busy.

These satellites have limited bandwidth and all customers simply can't run full out all the time.  That is just the nature of the beast.  Think of it like the water line coming into your home.  You might be able to run two or even three faucets wide open without a problem.  But if you do that and flush the toilet and run the washing machine too your going to have a problem.  There is only so much water that can run thru a pipe at any one time and only so much data that can run through a satellite transponder at any one time.

I do realize that some people have problems with Liberty pass.  Part of that might be flawed expectations as we talked about earlier.  Others might have the misfortune on being put on a crowded spot beam and still others might not have gotten a good install.  I did my homework in advance, I checked out the various reviews and as a long term satellite user I knew what I could expect and what I couldn't. 

From my standpoint Exede met or 'exceeded' it's claims.  And yeah, if you want to give me a break on my bill because of an excellent review I'll take it.  LOL 
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WOW - goood to hear (read) something positive once in a while. I'm currently on Liberty Pass and still getting the things done that I need to do. Patiently waiting for Viasat 2.