Old Customers can't get NEW limits plans

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I've tried...it's available in my area. But I joined 3 weeks BEFORE the new plan was introduced and they said I CAN NOT get it. This complaint (data limits). And, as one person said above, limiting makes sense. What I do not get is WHY they'll only offer it to NEW customers. They'll want to  send and email or call.

And after spending hours on phone or getting numerous emails CLOSED and resubmit. Frustration where they finally tell you if you are an OLD customer to CAN NOT GET IT. We want NEW customers and we'll spend $$$$ on getting them while we OLD customers foot the bill for the advertisements.

EVERYONE on this site is and EXEDE/WILDBLUE and even HUGHES customer that's complaining. You can't get here unless you're a customer...right??? So, why do they need a direct email to answer the question which is the SAME as I stated above. They know who you are and what your plan is. I know other internet companies offer a supposedly 6-month to 12 month plan for say $19.95...but your bill will NEVER approach that low price.

One complaint that I haven't seen yet is for streaming video and VOIP. Ping, Latency and Jitter are important factors. Also, going to https:// sites will often time-out when trying to access; requiring you to re-sign in.

Because I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, NFL Rewind and 2 VOIP's I discovered it the first hour of getting Exede. And it's a constant problem after dealing with the limited data allowance for OLD customers. Those who see this post can view by using https://www.megapath.com/speedtestplus/

Sincerely Ricky P

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Posted 6 years ago

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Anyone with with internet access can get to this forum, and can set up an account and post here. It is an open forum, not exclusive to Wildblue and Exede customers.
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Hi Ricky,

I will be more than happy to check your area for available plans.  If the promotional plans are in your area you can most certainly transition to one.

The reason that we ask you to send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com is for customer privacy.  We do not want to share account specific information online.
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I wrote in and this is what I got...

I have viewed your area and do not show any promotional plans in your area. We are always working on ways to provide our customer with plans that fit their needs. We are launching a new satellite in 2016. This doesn't mean that we won't stop working hard to find ways to provide more.

Sad :(
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Hi Ricky,

I was really impressed with you post. It is similar to one of my complaints. They give all these great deals to new customers, people who they have no idea on how long they will be staying with them. People who might not pay their bill, compared to the regular customer with that payment there right on time every month. They no longer have to invest any more money into us, but think if a customer just leaves the, they have lost that equipment, or have to go and try to get it.

Ricky, I did have a question about your last statement. I have smart TV's and some DVR player, then all the features from Direct TV. None of this can I use or can I? This is what I didn't understand, is Netflix free time, or some of those other features? I just moved from the city where I had 50 mps of unlimited internet to 10 megs of limited time. I have stayed up after midnight to use some of this stuff I have on my TV, but hate having to do this. When we had the house built we put a 70 inch TV in the family room, with all the toys on it, then about cried when I found out about the internet. But from reading you last paragraph, I was wondering I'm I missing something or was you asking the same thing about could they have unlimited time.

Thank you for asking and leaving such a nice post,

Daniel Bonnell

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Found the map of where Freedom is available.


What really sucks is it's coastal and big city areas - where those people already have wired Internet available. Those people don't need satellite. Instead of giving them unlimited Internet in order to try to get part of their market share, why not offer that bandwidth to those of us with no other choice. We would pay the money - but you don't even offer a higher data limit packages for us!
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thank you for offering the website p_d_f I really do appreciate it
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It's precisely because those areas have other viable options that the promos and new plans are limited to those areas. Each coverage area (i.e. spot beam) has limited capacity - it's not based on the total satellite capacity. Those areas are under-utilized and Viasat is attempting to maximize the use of their available resources - they can't very well redirect those spot beams to over-utilized areas.

From a business perspective it makes sense and they do have to maintain profitability if expected to launch a new bird.

If offered to existing users in other beams, those beams would become quickly saturated, oversold, and nobody would like the ramifications of that. Those of us who are long-term subscribers coming from Wildblue to Exede saw the bad side-effects first-hand with lower speeds for all.

This go-around it seems Viasat has learned from early Wildblue lessons and is proceeding with caution.

Those of us in beams approaching their capacity have the option of waiting for the new satellite to be launched or moving back to the big-city. In the long run everybody benefits despite the seemingly unfairness of it all and our perceptions of Viasat's motivations.

It's that simple, and thanks for that PDF file.      
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Still, if they are taking new subscribers in my area, why not offer a larger data plan as well?
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No you didn't, not yet anyway and have to distinguish between new plans and "promos".

If your in one of the areas that have the new plans you may be eligible now or in the future to upgrade - New York City's wide open available!

If in an area that only has the promo's, you need to understand the concept of "promos" which are common place with nearly everything and aimed at extending the subscriber base.

They take new subscribers until the beam is saturated to the point where reasonable speeds cannot be maintained for everyone. If everyone in your beam upgarded to a new plan including you then... welcome to Wildblue not Exede. 

It's about load balancing, pure and simple - ensuring everyone maintains decent speeds without overloading your beam - no conspiracy, no rip-offs.

Life just isn't fair, is it?    
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Thank you for posting Lab Rescuer. This is a very good explanation.
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So if this is true below.... shouldn't we all get the same plan for the same money??????????????????

Nearly every internet service provider these days has a data cap. In recent years, a primary reason why we see providers use data caps is that more consumers are using video over the Internet. Video uses a lot of bandwidth, and networks would be overloaded if limits were not imposed on usage.
Wireless networks, like satellite, are more likely to become overloaded by heavy video usage. So the data caps for wireless internet are generally a good deal lower than cable networks to avoid over-congesting the network. 
In setting our own caps, we want to provide the fastest speed and best quality of service we can — even in peak periods (which is in the evenings), and set the data caps of our plans at levels that fit the majority of internet user

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