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I don't even know what to do anymore! I have spoke to exede resolution team, etc. I work from home and my children's school is high tech so all of their work is down over the computer. I have explained this over and over to exede but nothing is done. Now because of having to buy more I owe $360 and yet people with cable and dsl pay $30-$50 for unlimited. If it's a problem with a bigger satellite than they can put the biggest one on my land if it gave me more data. Maybe congress needs to step in on this problem.
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Posted 6 years ago

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The satellite is 22,500 miles from earth, and cost over a half a billion dollars to build, launch and commission, in addition to the ground support equipment required. ViaSat is currently building a new satellite, with even more capacity, but it won't be in the sky until late 2016, Satellites are not mounted on the ground.
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Contact your local government which regulates cable and land-based utilities while charging those same utilities franchise fees - some require that cable companies provide service if you're within a certain range of existing infrastructure. When I checked for me it was 200 feet and I was out of that range by a wide margin. Outside of that range, you'd be required to pay for that build-out and it's not cheap.

Given recent news and debate over net neutrality, you might see federal intervention at some point - but as for me, I get real nervous when someone shows up on my door saying we're from the government and we're here to help.

Then again if in your shoes, I'd probably march down to the school or school board and pointedly ask them why they are putting my children at a disadvantage based solely upon where they live - might just get someone's attention - make 'em squirm - they're the one's touting affordable education for all when it suits they're narrative.

Finally, there's always an enjoyable alternative perspective as described here:

which falls into the category of when handed lemons, make lemonade - while emphasizing the value of a buck. 
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Hello again Shonda, if you can send me another email, I'd like to see what I can do to help you out here. Thank you for posting.
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There is no internet service out there that is unlimited. It may appear so....but when yousign up for cable or any service.....there is ALWAYS a clause.....they hold the right to throttle and deny access. Use too much data....and you will be cut off.... cox, time warner, verizon fios...all of them. Watch hulu for a good week and youll get a letter in the mail warning you.

Unlimited plans went bye bye a few years ago....

And as far as distance.... yea, i install in virginia. Many folks are 50 feet from sub stations etc....but customers are told ...cox is not going to spend 10,000 to run cable to your house because its not cost effective.... in othervwords, if they are not going to make a million dollars...your familys not worth it
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A local company is running fiber to my house this summer. I talked to them and they don't bother keeping track of data, your data is limited to bandwidth and service billing period. So it ends up being 40000+ Gib data cap depending if you can achieve the "burst maximum speeds" and find ways to use that much data...

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