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When I purchased this product 14 months ago, I was told that I would receive
150gb per month, and would never see speeds lower than .1 - 5 mps. Until 3
weeks ago, I never had speeds lower than .1 mps even on Liberty Pass, and it
was tolerable. We could watch Netflix on two devices no problem.

Since Friday, I have been having speeds at .3 mps continuously. I have talked
with at least 8 representatives over the last 2 weeks.
They told me everything from faulty equipment, to outages in my area. These
liars talked me into buying the service program for $5.99 month for 3 months so
a technician can come out, rather than paying $95 for a service call. That
turned out to be a scam as well. I am paying $24 a month for a problem that exists.

 The technician just
came out Saturday, and changed the modem. When he left, I was at .3 mps still!
He stated that it is not right and they are having problems with the server. I
have had .3 speeds since Friday, and cannot even connect at times. He told me
to call back Monday if the problem does not resolve.

I just got off the phone with supervisor, and they said it
is because I went over my original plan, and that I have data restriction now
that I am using Liberty Pass.  Until 3 weeks ago, I never had a problem.
Why am I having a problem now???


Because they changed my plan in midstream, or more likely
they overbooked their product, with the lies myself and other were told, overburdened
the servers, and are too cheap to upgrade, and now we are stuck with dial up
speed at $80 a month.

I am calling corporate tomorrow. These liars should not be
able to get a way with this old "bait and switch" technique.

I am sorry but I am very frustrated and I do feel lied to by your company, but it took 14 months out of 24 months contract to feel completely used. I guess it could have been sooner.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I started last November paying $168 a month for 30 gigs and Liberty.  I had specifically told the sales person that the only reason I wanted Exeed was that my existing DSL was fine in the daytime, but could hardly be used to watch Netflix, etc at night.   I was also told that I would never get less than 1mbs after my 30 gigs per month at 12mbs were used up.  Right from the first day, there were only speeds in the evening of 1 or 2 and it was sporadic.  Also many calls to tech support who just said that there were heavy traffic periods when speeds were down.  

So since I have a 4mps DSL during the day, I use up my now 10gigs (at $80/month) getting speeds of about 2 instead of 12, then end up on Liberty with speeds of 1/3 of 1 mbs.   My DSL often gets 1/2 of 1 mbs at those times, so I switch, watching Netflix from bad to bad.  Yes they did not tell the truth and I was totally upfront about wanting Netflix in the evenings.  I was told that I would for sure never see less than 1mbs and Liberty in my area was most of the time 5mbs.

It is also insane that I should be using my 10gigs at 1-2mbs, if they can't provide 12mbs, then it should be considered Liberty and not using up my expensive time.

1 more year, I can't believe they can get away with this.
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For anyone who wants to spend the time for an in-depth review of what Liberty is all about and the "official stance" on the subject (well, as much as there can be from Viasat), a review of the following thread may shed some insight:

* Page 5 has a chat with the Exede customer service that should answer questions.

Notice the thread is closed with the reason of "tired" - seems that at the point the thread was something that the moderators no longer wished to discuss).

Not sure how much longer the thread will remain, but it is there as of right now.
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Hi Pool Man

This is within the expectations of the Liberty Pass. We post this on our page regarding the Liberty Plans 

Directly from the page: 

What kind of speeds can I expect when I’m using the Liberty Pass? When the network isn’t very busy (such as during daytime hours), you can expect download speeds from 1-5 Mbps when using your Liberty Pass and upload speed of 1 Mbps. Your precise speeds will vary depending on how much other traffic is on the network in your geographic area. The heaviest users of Liberty Pass may experience slower speeds.

During the times of heaviest usage on the network — usually from about 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. — your Liberty Pass speeds will be much slower than at other times of the day.
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Hi Brad,

I just got off the phone with the Corporate office in Carlsbad. She states that "they are now reinforcing the Liberty Pass rule as of now, and to expect speeds as low as .2. The only good thing is that I had a decent product for over a year, until they "reinforced the new rule."

As I stated before, I was told that I would get 150 gb between 1 - 5 mps on Liberty Pass. Plain and simple, I was lied to by the salesman, and have nothing but headaches for the last 2 weeks, and from what corporate told me, this will be the norm.

She stated that best she an do is let me out of my contract.
I am not prepared to do that as of now, since we don't have a back up internet
company at this time. At least I got a decent product for about 14 months,
rather than the horror stories that I read previously on various
complaint websites about Excede internet. One website had over 560 complaints on your product.