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I only use my internet for wifi on our cell phones. I just paid my bill. i have the highest package you have( freedom ) I believe. but our interent is always slow never loads anything. or I keep getting error notices on pages I'm trying to look at. im so sick of paying for a service I barely can you. ready to switch companys again!!!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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I AM completely with you , I just paid my bill (well the 16 th) and I needed the speed so I stayed off it   I only tried to watch two movies on Roku TV and it kept buffering, very annoying, Exede says that they are the fastest internet service, well I remember dial up do you? well that was faster. they told me that there plan was 49.95 mo. and it wasn't fast enough, so after a few years I decided to upgrade to there fastest service on the internet, to the 59.00 but now i am still getting slower than I was with the 49.99  but now they offer even a faster plan BUT HERES THE CATCH ;UP TO, GET THAT UP TO  THEY CAN CHARGE YOU FOR THE 69.00 PLAN FOR 15 MBPS,AND GET AWAY WITH IT. OUR AREA (UNFORTUNEATLY NOT IN MY IMMEDIATE AREA, OTHERS HAVE SERVICE UP TO 2000MBPS AT AROUND 120.00 MO.  SO NO I AM NOT A SATISFIED CUSTOMER.                                                                                                                          Not only that I tried to call them and its all automated, they are to scared to talk to their customers. or my phone number is not associated with this acct, so thank you  and hang up.   I BELIEVE IF A COMPANY CANNOT HAVE A PERSONNEL TO ANSWER THE PHONE THEN IT IS NOT NOT NOT A REAL COMPANY.PERIOD PERIOD.                            
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I'm with you donnie on the automated answer crap. I'm going to find a way to get around it if possible. As for your speed problem, if you are using VPN get off of it and try again. My VPN slows me down by a factor of 5 on downloads. That's the only reason other than traffic I can think of.Hope this helps! 
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You live in a rural area, you are out of cell phone coverage, and really you don't have but one or two options.  Exede, or whatever the other one is, and they are both about the same in speed etc.

You have to change your expectations and what you can do.

I would never stream a tv or movie, you won't have the speed, maybe in spurts, but then you'll run out of data.  

I have had the classic 25 plan since it was offered and i generally do have the speed to watch DIY type 5 to 7 minute you tube videos, teach my courses on line, basically email and move Microsoft Office files around.

If i have some data left at the end of the month i'll watch portions of one or two jazz concerts.  I generally do have 2 to 3 Gig left the last two or three days.   I have the after midnight free zone, this is when my 5 computers do their updates.

I do have cellular service at my home and i use my cell phone data most of the time during the hours i get good speed, like now.

This is not cable, FIOS etc., you have to adjust or move.

I'm with you, I ask my students, How many Gigabytes did you use last month surfing the internet.

They have no idea.   They don't have satellite.

I hate to say   "It is what it is, but it is."

Adjust, Good luck.