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It is utterly ridiculous that Liberty30 does not offer free zone in the wee hours when we are paying $160/month. This is the max plan available for my area and when we "upgraded" to Liberty30 we lost the unlimited access from 12am-5am. Of course, I wasn't told that on the phone and so now I am maxed out with a week to go. I feel like I am being swindled with this product. So angry...
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Posted 4 years ago

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Once you exceed your priority data amount you should be experiencing usable speeds in the 1 Mbps - 5 Mbps range 24/7 (virtually unlimited Liberty Pass). Most reports so far have indicated that's the case and those who've switched from Classic Plans to Liberty Plans are happy with it, but there are some subscriber circumstances better suited to the Classic Plans due to their free zones.

Satisfaction largely depends on whether you find the slower usable speeds for 24 hours a day preferable, or the promise of 5 hours of free zone coupled with 19 hours of unusable speeds more to your liking. All indications are that those on the Classic Plans are getting much slower speeds during the early parts of the free zone anyway so it might we a net wash either way.. 

I'm beginning to wonder whether ViaSat has changed the "DAP" email to more accurately reflect the Liberty Plan situation or is still relying on the Classic "DAP" email. Once situations is obviously less severe than the other.   
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Maile Wood

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Either way for 160 this is ridiculous. It is really slow the rest of the time and yet 2 of us maxed out anyway.
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Provide some insight into your operating system(s) and version, browser(s) and any add-ons, router brand and model, etc. You'll find any number of recommendations from the users here on how to eliminate much of the unwanted data that's being consumed without your knowledge behind the scenes - but most of them go to turning off unwanted automatic update, blocking unwanted ads, using a flash control add-on to control videos from auto playing or even worse preloading in full in the background despite your not even intending to watch them.

Recommendations are specific to each of those variables, but trimming out the unwanted might allow staying within your priority data allowance and its higher speeds.

To really get a handle on the data being used you'd need to install a traffic monitoring application on each machine in order to really trim the fat; and availability of those is based on operating system.

Nothing any of us users can do about cost.

P.S. It's also likely you weren't told that you couldn't switch back to a Classic plan on switching to a Liberty Plan - as Liberty Plans are being introduced to areas, the Classic plans appear to be pulled - you can only switch to plans that are currently offered to existing customers.
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Hi Maile,

So sorry to hear you are not happy with the Liberty Plan.  This is not the experience we want for our customers.  Most of our customers are extremely happy with the new plans.  Please send me a private email so I can take a look at your modem and usage.  There are many ways to help reduce your usage without loosing that great experience that Exede has won many awards for and our customers have come to expect.  

I am an Elite Dealer for Exede and a member of the Dealer Advisory Council I'm very passionate about our service and our customers!  I can do a free data analysis for you and give you some recommendations how to get the most out of your data.  Send me an email with your phone number associated with your account or the MAC address from the bottom of your modem and I will get back with you in a few hours.
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I swithced from Classic 15 to Liberty 18 this past data cycle. With three days remaining I was notified that I am now on Liberty Pass. OK - I expected this. Not sure where ALL my data is going to. I recently tried to upgrade one of my machines to Windows 10 Home. After a 2.67 GB download (I'm sure it was more than that, my machine FAILED to intall Winows 10 properly (after three tries) - UGH. Now I'm back to Windows 7. I'm a little disappointed. On the bright side this morning I powered up AMAZON Prime and was able to watch a Video on my Kindle Fire HD. I wasn't interested in watching the whole show - "Enterprise" just wanted to see how it worked. Overall I'm satisfied with the Liberty 18 plan. I only used the LNFZ to run Carbonite backups - I have suspended this software as i weigh the future benefits of doing an online backup of some of my local data. I will be seeking some other solutions to that. Overall I'm happy with Liberty 18 and can live with the slower speeds of Liberty Pass. Unfortunately we live in Internet world that is PUSHING - Ads - Video Ads - Free Games with a "Catch " more ADS. There are some WEB sites that I refuse to use because of the Videos that are constantly being downloaded and start playing - I didn't ask for this. to cut this short - we have been and still are a HAPYY user of WILDBLUE and now Exede internet and look forward to what the FUTURE will hold - we have come a LONG way in the past 8 years of service.
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I'm still on the classic 25 plan and have been since day one.

I do all my major downloads after midnight, i have 6 computers and two iphones and ipad to keep up to date.  No problem other than my health for staying up and insuring everything starts, on different evenings naturally.

Sat users must understand this technology, for now, has severe bandwidth land speed imitations.

The cost is extreme in comparison to cable, or FIOS which is the best, but you and i choose to live in the country.  So we are pretty much stuck.

I use my Verizon data each month, while letting my wife use the Exede data, and my 12G of verizon pretty much lasts for its 30 day cycle, which then gives me a week to do what all other normal web users due, watch you tube, but still sparingly.

Basically Sat suxs, but when you don't have much in the way of alternatives, gotta deal with it.

At least, for the exorbitant fee we are charged every month, they are attempting to better there pitiful service.

I am hopeful Verizon will increase its data plans for a reasonable cost and then i'll go strictly that way, no weather issues and other unknown gremlins in the system.  Plus with iphone verizon app i am constantly aware of my data status.

Fortunate to have wireless phone service in my pretty isolated area.

Having said all of this, what if Excede didn't exist and you didn't have DSL, wireless phone coverage, you be Sh*t out of luck and they know that.

Have a nice day.
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Hi Maile,  I'm sorry you feel that way.  We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and outstanding service. If you would like to transition down we can see what is available in your area. Please send an email to Thanks.
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If the Liberty Pass 30 plan offered even a midnight until 2 or 3 AM free zone, even if that was only on Friday and Saturday nights, I'd switch in a heartbeat but, as it is, we'd use the 30 GB in apx 3 weeks then have one week of internet that drags anchor, two weeks some months.

I refuse to deny my partner the downloaded (bought via iTunes) TV programs, podcasts and audio books he relies on as his only entertainment when he is on the road. (Truck Driver.) and, on a liberty plan, there would be at least one and, possibly two weeks per month when he would have none of that.

He has to work, he can't have downloads take hours, need to get it all done in 1-2 hours each night he doesn't have to drive early the next morning. That's always Saturday night, sometimes Friday, Sunday or Monday night as well.

I'd gladly pay for Liberty 30 IF at least 2 nights per week had at least 2 hours of free zone time, otherwise the 5 additional priority GB are not worth switching for.

I know it's great for some people who rely less on the LNFZ but, as it is those of us that do rely on the LNFZ have no incentive to switch. Give us one and you might get a lot more of us onto Liberty plans a lot faster. If not, I'll wait for late 2016, early 2017 and see what is offered then.
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Indeed since you guys made these observations. Liberty pass has gotten much worse, hopefully exede steps up there game because .20-45kps download speeds are basically, unusable at this. Point. And many people are outraged!!!
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Old Labs (VS1-329-L12FZ)

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Yes, Liberty Pass has gotten "worse" (especially during peak usage times) since those plans were made more widely available some 9 - 10 months ago. Many of the early adopters were very happy with them, at least until the Data Access Policy was later actually enforced a few months later.

If ViaSat hadn't started enforcing it, the remaining folks who don't exceed their priority data allotment would be similarly outraged.

Don't expect much change until the next satellite is launched to increase capacity. The current satellite is the bottle neck and it's capacity was fixed at launch nearly 5 years ago.. There's simply not enough available capacity to support 1 - 5 Mbps Liberty Pass during peak hours and still support those who have priority data left regardless of plan. On most beams, Liberty Plans only make sense if you can shift your usage to non-peak hours (even those can be hard to predict)  - those who can (retired, those who work from home, home schoolers, etc) probably see some benefit to them.
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We actually were very satisfied with Liberty Pass.  The slowest speeds we saw in the evening were .25 and that was during the Olympics.  Even at that speed we were able to run email, browse, play a few of the Facebook games, and stream Netflix off and on. Usually we saw up near 1 mbps during prime time and 2 to 3 during the day.  Now that we are on the Freedom Plan so far we have used less than 40 GB and we have done a live stream on two football games as part of that that were 4 plus  hour events.  Since we don't normally download large files, or stream a large amount I would guess we were still falling among the "lighter" users of Liberty Pass.  But yes, Liberty Plans were not designed to be unlimited plans for massive amounts of streaming but work well if you are someone who does web browsing, occasional streaming and is not needing huge data file downloads.  We liked not being cut off after a tiny bit of data use and never used the free zone.  Heavy users will still be better off with plans offering a free zone.  
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That's on the money Old Labs and Jacqueline Until the satellite is running next year and new plans are made available this is the top plans we are able to offer. Although every time I say I doubt we'll see Freedom Plan appear again until then I get an occasional "Bigfoot sighting" where it randomly popped up somewhere. I assure you we have no idea nor any indication of how or when this will happen but it's definitely worth checking every so often (no guarantees so don't hold your breath until the new satellite is up) but it seems here and there someone found it an switched. So the best advice I can give is that if it pops up and you want it, pounce on it immediately. It appears in some of the less busy beams as it was an experimental plan for designing our ViaSat 2 capabilities. 

As for Liberty we've always designed Liberty Pass to work the way it does now. For a bulk majority of customers it was a much better plan as they didn't have to stay up late nights if they were in a data restriction on the old plans (basically unusable unless data was bought or Late Night Free Zone starts). Keep in mind you can always upgrade to a plan with more priority data or you can purchase additional priority data any time you are in Liberty Pass.