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1.) checking online, I see that many exede customers had the same problem I had last month, when on liberty pass we are getting completely cut off. I had this happen 4 days last month, for an hour or two up to 7 or 8 hours. this includes during the middle of the night. misprepresentaion of liberty pass plan.
2.) data usage metrics are off, way off. had hn for 2 years and hoped this would be better. speeds are better when I actually have data but otherwise this is worse. with hn at 10 gbs per month I could watch 3 hours of streaming, use wifi on my phone some of the time and last year had some months I made it all month on that, a few months ran out 2 or 3 days before end of cycle. first month exede out of 12 gbs in 10 days! called and was told it was Microsoft updates using 3 gbs. exede needs to get with Microsoft by the way to come up with some other option. win 10 does not let you turn off the upgrades. anyway, 2nd month, no streaming, cancelled Netflix, have phone off wifi all the time, turned off vids on fb and news sites. still used 12 gbs in 11 days. so far almost 4 days in this month have been turning off the modem for long periods of time, still used 2 gbs. measurements are wrong!
3.) data usage chart, customers need to see breakdown of exactly when and how much data is being used. this is not offered by exede net. have to depend on calling and whatever is told to us. not transparent!
4.) when I signed up I said that I did not want auto pay, was told I could change that option in my online account once it was all setup. that was not true, I got lied to. I need to be able to decide when I make my payments. problem is that my 2 direct deposits per month do not get to the bank on the date they are supposed to. it can be anywhere for 2 days early to 2 or 3 days late. this month my pension hit the bank same day as exede took payment. one day off and I would have had my account overdrawn.
5.) I did read the agreement before allowing install, but stupid me, I didn't think about the usual option to cancel in the first 30 days if not happy. well that is not offered by exede, surprise! not acceptable.
6.) if situation does not improve I am filing a complaint with our state ag. and with directv which is where I got this "package"
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