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I have already used my monthly data allowance and I'm considering switching to the Evolution plan.  I currently use  approx 1G a day because of games I play on FB.  My question is will going to the Evolution plan solve this issue of maxing out of my data allowance.  I'm not very tech savy so I'm not sure if this is the right decision.  My current plan allows for 20 G data monthly.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hello Di, the Evolution plan is good for those who use the web for basic browsing and emails. Gaming, even on Facebook, can eat up quite a bit of data so I would not suggest switching to the Evolution plan, as your 5GB for "everything else" would be used up rather quickly.
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Di Hare

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Thanks Kimberly for your input. Can you suggest another plan?  I'm retired so this is my only form of entertainment.  I have about 12 Bingo games that I play daily.  I don't listen to music or download videos.  My Bingo games is all I play other then looking at my e-mail and browsing that's all I do.  Any help would be much appreciated. I've already purchased more data for the month but @$9.99 for 1G I can't afford $300 a month
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I'd suggest that you go over to the following links and review them:

Data usage tips | Exede Internet Community


Some tips on Windows 8 data usage | Exede Internet Community

Although I don't use Facebook, I can't imagine Bingo being that data intensive. In addition some have mentioned that setting Facebook to not automatically play videos helps - perhaps some here can tell you how to do that.

Chances are some of the tips in the links can help. Specifically pay attention to those that mention Windows updates and othe application updates. Many also find the most bag for their buck in using in AdBlock and FlashBlock.

If you, have any questions regarding those tips or how to go about taking advantage of them, simply ask and any number of the regulars here will be able to assist.
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Really there are only two answers, if you are on the 25 GB plan, then buy another 5 GB per month or, don't play games on FB so much. If not get the 25 GB plan and go from there.

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic but, we all had to learn to manage our data usage, find other OFFLINE games, I'm sure there are offline bingo games out there if that's what you enjoy. I know it isn't ideal but, ins't playing online for an hour or two a day, then playing an offline similar game better than no game at all?
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Di Hare, to stop Facebook from auto playing videos, while on FB, go to the "Settings", then on the left, click on "Videos" near the bottom, then to the right of "Auto-Play Videos", turn to "Off"

Even if you are playing a game in FB, videos will play, and FB does it's updates to the newsfeed every minute or so.
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Steve, on my FB I went to "Settings", but there is nothing on left side that refers to "Videos" at all.  Has FB changed format to a different location?
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Dennis, after you click the down arrow on the upper right of the FB page, then click "Settings", the next page that appears is "General Account Settings". At the left is a bunch of choices, the "Videos"  is at the bottom. Click on "Videos", and the "Video Settings" page appears. On this page, the second choice is "Auto-Play Videos". On the right you should choose "Off"
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My wife is big into a couple Facebook games and we manage on 10 gigs. The autorun is the data killer, not the games. Also for some reason Internet Explorer on her games uses a good bit less data than locked down Firefox.

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