New Throttling policy update is breach of agreement on Viasat's part!

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I cannot believe the email I've received from Viasat this morning, stating I am about to have my services become even worse then they already have been but guess what? I still pay the same money. so half the day I will have ok internet and the other half towards the evening I will have slow internet. 
Lets test this for a moment, did thousands of people suddenly signed up all at once in my area of the mountains so the internet is so slow? nope, what happened then? Viasat decided to "update" their policy meaning they "decided" out of the blue to change the original contract upon which I signed initially which is the 150GB Liberty "unlimited" plan and now try to "encourage" me to sign up for worse plans and for more money! and here's the kicker, if I sign to any of the "new packages" I won't have any problem with congestion in the evenings, so if I pay more there's no problem, but if I stay there is a problem, this is complete disgrace and I cannot believe the sleaziness of the tactics at play here.
Net neutrality laws have been repealed a few months ago, so this is the fruit of their labor, this is the beginning of the internet company foul play at work, but we must not be silent about this, we must speak out for this is clearly a breach of contract, even though the plan is no longer offered by changing the agreement of what I am paying the company is providing me less than promised, in plain words, there are two parties who make an agreement, Viasat and it's clients, the clients obligation of the agreement is to pay a certain a mount of money agreed initially, Viasat's part of the agreement is to provide the "service" agreed upon initially, at no time they can provide anything less than initially agreed upon, if they do, that is called "BREACH OF AGREEMENT" and I don't care how they call it, policy updates etc.. it is still a breach, they are breaking their promises to their customers.
Imagine my mortgage company one day call me up and say, "we've updated our policies" now you can only use your house fully until noon, but afternoon you can only use 1/4 of your OWN HOUSE! what on earth is this? Speak out customers! consult any one you can, this is not right, this is a complete trample on our rights as PAYING customers! stand up for your rights!
I've been looking into wireless services with boosters years ago, but I haven't resorted to it because I was somewhat happy with Exede/Viasat for the last two years, it wasn't great, but it was "good enough" but now? it's horrible, last night I could barely do anything online, disgrace! these people need to be ashamed of themselves.

"For the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL" - 1 Timothy 6:10
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Official Response
Hi Dan
From time to time, Viasat makes updates to policies that impact our customers’ service. We recently updated our Network Management Policy to ensure the best experience for the majority of customers on our network.  We have also notified any customers who are impacted by this change by letter and email. 

Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount, so we have a team of specialists ready to respond to any questions about this change,and to make certain every customer is on the very best plan for their needs. Email us at  or call our specialized team and we'll respond ASAP