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Excede installed 3 days ago with Evolution plan. I only click on a few websites. No video viewing, etc. I previously used Virgin Mobile Hotspot which had a precise running meter which showed exact kb's used when each site clicked on and used less than 5 GB over 21 days.

 But on Excede, after only 3 days, my Excede bar chart already shows I have used 2.5 GB (or 25% of my 10 GB allowance). NO WAY can that be accurate. What's going on???? Evolution plan is supposed to be off meter for websites and e-mail. I have Windows 7 Pro, IExpl.

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Dennis Hatfield

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Posted 5 years ago

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There are a couple topics with tips on data usage that could help on the forum, see if any of those have anything helpful.   Double check your update preferences on your computer to make sure it has to ask you to download updates because those do count against the Evolution plan.  Just saying to  do the update at a specific time doesn't help because the computer just downloads the update when it sees it then installs it at the time you specified.  I am mentioning  this because we suddenly burned 2 GB unexpectedly some time back and discovered that we had forgotten to change the update setting on a newer computer and it had suddenly downloaded some larger updates.  Also make sure your virus software is up to date, just a couple days ago a Trojan down loader was detected on  my computer, I am sure it could have caused a lot of data use had it gone undetected for several days as well.

Since we have all the update preferences set so we control timing, we find that most days we use 0.1 GB or less on Evolution. Hope you can track down the culprit soon!
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Dennis Hatfield

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Thanks for the suggestion about computer downloads/updates.  I did recall that on Monday night (Feb 10th) when I shut computer off, there were several updates it planned to install.  I have Windows 7 Pro and Security Essentials virus.

I went to "Tools", "Windows Updates", "View Update History",.... it showed 20 different updates were download and installed that day, but no file size on this page. But obviously these probably used quite a lot of MB's or possibly GB's.

I clicked on "Change Settings" which was set to "Automatically download and install".  I changed it to "Check with me for if and when to download".  Hopefully, this will prevent this from future gobbling data, and I plan to download during the free, off-meter time of 3am-8am.

I disconnected Exede internet today, since I still have some time left on my Virgin Mobile Hotspot.  Virgin Mobile has a nice user friendly data usage meter which Exede should copt.  They have a running meter, which even registers to hundreds of mb's such as 187.42 mb. 

I documented the amount of data I used on some of my Favorite website links:

  •  10+ mb

  • DrudgeReport:  20+ mb

  • NWS (Natl Weathr Serv):  3 mb

  • Washington Times:  2.5 mb

  • Politico:  7 mb

  • ProFootballTalk:  2 mb

  • MH370 Facebook:  1 mb

  • Facebook page:  1 mb

  • Google search:  .20 mb

  • HuffingtonPost:  5 mb

  •  5 mb

  • AccuWeather forecast:  .90 mb

  • Exede Dashboard:  1.2 mb

  • Walmart:  4.2 mb

  • Walmart product page:  2.1 mb

I connected two different times and used a total of about 129 mb clicking on these and a few other sites.  Some of the news pages have video ads when run and loop and unable to shut off and if left on, can inflate data used.

  • Amber @ Exede:   Exede should develop a more user friendly data usage page like Virgin Mobile.  If I have more data issues, I will contact you with in an e-mail. 

  • But I do have a question:  How often does Exede update my data usage graph?  Is it just once a day. 

  • On Virgin Mobile, I can open their page, then also open another page.  Then go back to Virgin's page and watch the data meter rolling up the mb's.  If that number does not stop, some video on the other webpage is running causing the meter to keep adding mb.

Thanks all,

Dennis Hatfield 


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Jacqueline Tierney

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Good luck Dennis.  Its amazing how much data those updates can eat up on you.  My son bought a new Mac computer last fall when he was staying at our place and it gobbled up more than 2 GB when he started it, ouch and he has unlimited FIOS at home.  At least Kim was able to give me some of that free 30GB to offset that.  

Yes that is one of my major gripes with Exede is the lack of transparency on how they are recording the data.  We also have Verizon data and like you said, one can log in to those companies and see detailed charts on how they recorded the data use.  But they say they are working on that.  I really think a lot of the complaints about data would go away if people could review how Exede is recording the use at least hourly.
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Ben Jumper

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Is there really a "FREE TIME" period?

Hughes has it. Does Exede; on the Liberty Plan (the only one I am eligible for)
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Hello Dennis, I would be happy to look into your data and see what is going on for you. Please send an email with your account information to
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Ben Jumper

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I had the SAME problem with Hughes, but not to that extent.

I ALWAYS have a PAID Antivirus running and NEVER open an attachment from anyone that I don't know BUT somehow ONE file got malware and was somehow gobbling up data through svchost. It CAN be normal; downloading updates, etc. 

I use Net Balancer so I can see what programs are using data.

I used MalwareBytes to ferret out the culprit and as soon as that file was deleted the mysterious downloads about 300MB in a few hours, stopped!

Suggestion: Try MalwareBytes
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You need to use ad blocker. This will cut you data usage way down on these sites.
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Dennis Hatfield

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David, So what is ad blocker and how does it work?  Is it a free program to download?
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Old Labs (VS1-329-L12FZ)

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Free and available from:

Also consider FlashBlock:

Both for Firefox but others may exist for other browsers.
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Brian Shackelford

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I will second Old Labs Recommendations
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I think excede does this to SELL more time to people ... Someone really needs to look into this...
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What is it exactly that Exede does?  They sell more time to some people who can't keep within their usage limits.
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Tony, we report data as accurately as possible. If you believe your data is being reported incorrectly, please reach out to us at with your account and contact information. Please reference this post in your email.
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ALSO, if you like sites like Yahoo news, there are autoplay videos going all of the time.

I changed to which is intended for cell phones, I presume - so lee data and it worked for me!

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