new exede customers, they have great prices on there packages, around three times the GB for the same money.appritiation for old cutomers

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Shure wish the old customers were thought of as well of as the new exede customers, the have great prices on there packages, around three time the GB's for the same monies. And they don't know when if ever the oid customers get the same deals, WOUNDER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 6 years ago

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Because Exede/Viasat is trying to balance subscriber data needs with a fixed satellite capacity.

The new plans are aimed at increasing the number of customers on those spot beams that are under utilized. It appears that existing customers in certain beams (ZIP Codes) can upgrade now - go to, enter your ZIP Code and see if you're one of the lucky existing subscribers who can upgrade (read the fine print).    
Those of us that have been around since the Wildblue days circa 2005, know full well what happens when all beams are oversold or over-utilized, and it's not as simple dispatching the geek squad to the satellite to install more memory or a bigger hard-drive. However, rumor has it that old Wildblue subscribers have seen some relief as others move on to Exede.   
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Hey Bill, I can understand why you would feel this way. We are always hoping to expand this plan but do not have any details set in stone at the moment. Have you been able to take advantage of our Great Gig Giveaway promotion? This deal offers existing customers an additional 30GB of data to be used over the next 6 months free of charge. If you are interested in this, please send me an email to with your info and I will check your eligibility and get some GB added right away. (: Thanks.
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Me too, sure the Great Gig Giveaway is something but, new customers are paying 99.00 for 150GB while I'm paying 129.00 for 25 GB. Seems to me it'd make more sense to offer such to loyal customers, whom have paid you the higher rates for years FIRST. We know what to expect and would provide more usable feedback over people new to satellite.

I feel as if you are selling the premium space on the beams to people who do have alternatives BEFORE offering it to loyal customers that don't have a choice in internet service types. Why are you clogging up what I already struggle for decent speeds on at high traffic times with people that can use more than I can and, pay less to do it? If I had a choice, I'd have a provider that respects loyalty first but, I'm stuck with you or HughesNet and, your data plan, even as it is for me, is slightly better for my needs.
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There are two separate issues at play here.

First, the Great Gig Giveaway is simply aimed at lessening the pain of existing subscribers caused by the 6 month promotion to new customers (apparently on all beams) - it's a bone tossed to existing customers for 6 months (or less if I understand it). Even then, it's not available to all existing subscribers - for example, I've subscribed to first Wildblue and now Exede via the NRTC, and it's not even available to NRTC subscribers despite the fact that NRTC was one of the early investors in Wildblue helping to literally and figuratively get it off the ground  - not to mention the loyalty of those early NRTC subscribers who went through NRTC's and Wildblue's growing pains.

Undoubtedly after the 6 month promotional periods of double and triple data capacity,  those new customers will start showing up here complaining about their usage and have an even harder time living within their reduced data capacity having gorged themselves on that promotional data and being forced to go on a data diet or "buy more".

Secondly, the Freedom Plan (as well as the infrequently mentioned Evolution 20 Plan) target specific spot beams having under utilized capacity and apparently existing customers on those beams  can upgrade. When first announced, those beams included: 301, 322, 337, 341, 344 ,349, 350, 351, 357, 359, 360, 361, 363, 367, 368, and 370.

With a quick look at the Exede beam map (, it's easy to see why those beams are under utilized - they're either very low density population areas representing inherently limited markets, or their high-density population areas having a wealth of internet access choices - e.g. New York City, Boston - not that anyone in either NYC or Boston would make a conscious decision to go with a satellite internet provider - although some might make an unconscious decision to do so. While there may be isolated pockets in those beams where a satellite internet provider may make sense, they are again very limited markets for Exede, and they're just trying to maximize utilization and profits - which indirectly is beneficial to us all. They do have to remain profitable. So it's really not premium space being sold, it's unused space. 

If Exede were to offer the new Freedom Plan to all existing subscribers, undoubtedly most of us would jump on it. Unfortunately everyone would quickly suffer the effects of congested beams. some of us can see the effects of congested beams right now when the late night free zone kicks in and everybody's scheduled downloads start. For me and for all intents and purposes the LNFZ doesn't actually start until around 3:00 AM when everybody's scheduled downloads near completion.  Until then, speeds are degraded, thereby explaining my hours and lack of sleep - I've given up on 12:00 AM to 3:00AM for the most part.  Some of us even view it is "deja vu" all over again, when Wildblue was oversold beyond its capacity but I think it's more that Viasat has learned from past mistakes in over subscibing/filling beams beyond their capacity.            

Sorry for the lengthy post - but 140 characters or less doesn't do it justice.
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Back when Exede was first being rolled out, there was a three month period that Exede had major metering problems, and while they were working on a fix, there was no metering taking place, and we had unlimited data. That caused some severe overloads to the system, and I can remember that during the peak periods of the day, early afternoon until after 10 at night, speeds would drop to the 2 or 3 Mbps range, and not the 15 to 20 Mbps that were available during the other times. People were streaming like crazy, and thereby overloading many of the beams. And that data overload was happening back when Exede had 300,000 subscribers. Today, there are in excess of 650,000 subscribers, and that is why unlimited data just would not allow many of us in the more congested beams to get decent internet service. I do enjoy the speeds above 12 Mbps and have no desire to have lower speeds from Exede. We can all look forward to the launch of the new satellite in 2016, and the possibilities of higher data limits when that added capacity is in service.

There are currently many of the beams that are not available to add new customers because they are already nearing capacity at the current data plan offerings.
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Good posts from Lab Rescuer and Steve.  This underscores the importance of sharing knowledge of both internet service and computer activities.  I'm in one of those beams that allow existing customers to upgrade to the freedom plan for $109/month.  I'm staying where I'm at, classic 10, lowering my resolution when possible, moving automatic downloads to manual, turning sync off, making sure devices are off at night.  I'm finding I still have more internet video to watch than I need. It means we need to change the way we do things.  Thanks forum members.
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I've's available in my area. But I joined 3 weeks BEFORE the new plan was introduced and they said I CAN NOT get it. This complaint (data limits). And, as one person said above, limiting makes sense. What I do not get is WHY they'll only offer it to NEW customers. They'll want to  send and email or call.

And after spending hours on phone or getting numerous emails CLOSED and resubmit. Frustration where they finally tell you if you are an OLD customer to CAN NOT GET IT. We want NEW customers and we'll spend $$$$ on getting them while we OLD customers foot the bill for the advertisements.

EVERYONE on this site is and EXEDE/WILDBLUE and even HUGHES customer that's complaining. You can't get here unless you're a customer...right??? So, why do they need a direct email to answer the question which is the SAME as I stated above. They know who you are and what your plan is. I know other internet companies offer a supposedly 6-month to 12 month plan for say $19.95...but your bill will NEVER approach that low price.

One complaint that I haven't seen yet is for streaming video and VOIP. Ping, Latency and Jitter are important factors. Also, going to https:// sites will often time-out when trying to access; requiring you to re-sign in.

Because I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, NFL Rewind and 2 VOIP's I discovered it the first hour of getting Exede. And it's a constant problem after dealing with the limited data allowance for OLD customers. Those who see this post can view by using

Sincerely Ricky P

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Hey RickyP033, I have commented on a few of your other comments regarding this issue. Existing customers in the Freedom plan areas have been able to upgrade since mid October. If it is in your area, you can now get it.

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