New EasyCare service offered for support on Exede, WildBlue plans

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We've just introduced a new add-on service for any Exede or WildBlue account. For $5.99/mo, EasyCare includes any required service calls, one annual dish relocation as needed and a priority customer care phone number. 

Learn more about EasyCare.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Exede/Alex i have issues with this. Their is a $9.99 lease fee already added & the lease is for 2 years which in my case is well over but the lease fee is still added even though the lease is over. The modem and lmb I don't own exede does I should not have to pay $100 to get it serviced. And here where I live the service here sucks to begin with. If I had other internet options I would be with them and not on exede. We as customers that have stuck with exede after the lease is over should have that easycare for nothing. All the lease revisions you do means nothing to me for the fact I'm not in a lease anymore. Alex if you could can you please go into more detail on these issues.
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thorneo, while you have fulfilled your 24 month contract commitment, you are actually still "in contract" with Exede/ViaSat, on a month to month basis until you choose to terminate your contract.
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Steve is correct. the lease fee for the equipment will remain as long as you are an Exede customer. As it stands those are the only modems that work with Exede and are encoded to work strictly for our service (far different than what you'll find in the stores). Some DSL/Cable companies have a 3rd Party option where a 3rd Party modem allows customers to avoid a lease fee for equipment,  but when comparing apples to apples that has a substantially larger customer base so a 3rd party market exists by those manufacturers. 
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Thank you, Been looking for something like that for awhile! I will be updating to it in the next few days! Will be well worth the money IF something happens to my service!
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Thank you, adding it now.

EDIT: Well I was adding, Vince can't seem to add it just yet. Might still be in the process of rolling it out. It's showing but, doesn't say I'm eligible yet.
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Alex - 

You may want fix the link for the Easy Care Addendum.  Currently it points to:

It just loads up a page that cannot be displayed.  I am reasonably certain that is not the intended link and that is no the intended IP address of where it is supposed to reside.

Now....where can I sign up for that QA / Code Testing job.......:)
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It is the link in this part of the page found at:

Note: EasyCare features are subject to the terms and conditions of the Exede EasyCare Plan Addendum to your Customer Agreement.
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Just added Easy Care to my account since I foresee needing a service call on my install as well as other ongoing issues that seem to still be unresolved.   When I called in to see about the issues, the rep on the phone confirmed a service call was indeed needed and went to schedule a date and ..... nothing available.  He said they will have to escalate the call to try to open up a service call since there are none available and to expect a call back within the next 72 Business Hours (translated 72 Hours / 8 Business Hours = 9 Days).  Wow - and that is after committing to the Easy Care plan.  I hate to see what people without Easy Care are experiencing.

I will add a review of the overall experience with the Easy Care addition in a separate thread after the call is scheduled to give folks an idea of what to expect in regards to service call timing (at least in Beam 329).  

FYI - With the Easy Care added on as an option, Exede is no longer waiving any service call fees per the representative I spoke to.  So if you have to have a service call after 90 days of the initial install - either sign up for Easy Care -or- pay the $95.00 service call fee (seems like a no brainer to me).  Also no free 90 days for existing customers who sign up for Easy Care even if it wasn't an option when they first purchased the service.