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Hello all, I currently have dsl internet with top speeds of 1.3 down and .35 up and of course it's unlimited. Just wondering if any of you current consumers would stay with that or switch. I live near Waynesboro, va and think I would be on beam 328 or 329,thinking that may be a congested beam because of offers from viasat. I use the internet mainly for surfing and games ,not mmos, but ps4 and some games have large up dates . I have been watching these forums since I heard about new satellite. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, can't decide speed vs unlimited .
Thank you
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Posted 2 years ago

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Wait a week for the official roll-out of Viasat-2 and subscribe to the plan you think will thrill you the most.  Put seatbelts on your game chair, you might need them.
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gaming and sat do not work well.
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Just depends on what type of games you play. If you play a lot of first person shooter games that require low latency, you are not going to be happy with satellite internet.
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he should stay with DSL
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Let me help you decide. Stay with dsl and think about adding a plan from ViaSat. While gaming does “work”, if you are used to low latency, satellite will drive you nuts. Also, the speeds on satellite vary to the point that sometimes you will have faster dsl speeds even on a 25Mbps satellite plan.

What is it you can’t do with dsl that you think satellite will help?

The only problem with slow dsl (and yes speeds will always matter until we all have +100Mbps connections) is when multiple people try doing things at once.

If you’ve been operating on unlimited, you have no idea how little data 150GB will feel like.
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Rodney Meadows

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gaming is mostly limited to single player games so latency is not an issue,mainly use of internet for gaming is large patch files having to be downloaded for the games,as far as what i would like to use it for would like to be able to stream a few movies or shows ,such as i have directv and their start show from beginning feature,current internet is to slow to use this
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Hold off for Viasat 2 and, better plans then, get on that bird ASAP. Too close to commercial service now to say get on Viasat 1 - sit tight for a few days to a couple of weeks and, switch once Viasat 2 rolls out.

There will be an announcement on this forum so, just watch here.
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Stay with the DSL, if you sign up for this service you are stuck for 2 years or pay a cancellation fee and you will not be happy! I believe Viasat's motto is " We're not happy until your not happy" so they must be very happy!
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Hi Rodney - In your situation, here is what I would do: Hold off at least until the new Viasat plans are announced.  Then, watch this forum and see what folks have to say about the updated service. 

The biggest problem for you, no matter how fast and consistent Viasat's new service turns out to be, is the latency, which can affect online games that depend on the timing needed for effective gameplay. Latency will be on average about 600 ms and will not change. Check and see if there are recommendations from the game manufacturers as to the minimum latency required.

In addition, you can canvas your fellow players and garner what their experience has been if they have used Satnet while playing.

Then, after all that, make your decision!

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Concur with John, let the new plans come out, then monitor this board to get a feel for the performance of the new plans.   If the comments are positive then you can make an informed decision.   If it is just more of the same, plan says whatever, but it only does this etc., at least you will know before committing to a 2 year contract...

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What Johnny said. When Silver 25 came out I originally jumped on it and signed up like everyone else on day one.

The next day, I had a change of mind and called Viasat to ask if I could cancel my upgrade to unlimited. They let me keep my Liberty 12 plan, and I simply sent back the new modem when it arrived.

I'm glad I kept my Liberty 12 plan. I still get a ton of data during the less busy hours, and I don't have to deal with optimized video. Plus what I have is a lot cheaper than the unlimited plans.
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Here is my silver 25 unlimited tonight. If it gets worse, I’ll have to call EarthLink to get dialup so I can keep posting.