Never Ending Issue with Exede Requesting Money From Us...

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Reference “Refund Ticket” number of 23652681. If someone from Exede can get their stuff together and figure out how to tell their system that we DID RETURN OUR EQUIPMENT then perhaps we can stop receiving collection agency letters. Next step is Better Business Bureau. If you mess up our credit rating, you will be taken to small claims court for fraudulent business practices and harassment, as well as unnecessarily damaging our credit!
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Posted 3 years ago

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It's amazing how many people don't return their equipment. Better get tracking info when you send just for cases like this
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Not bad advice for anything you mail in. I took a pic of the tracking number on the label provided. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had proof if needed.
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Please send an email to  Be sure to include your account information (account number, or phone number), the ticket number above, and a detailed explanation of your issue.

We'll be happy to do whatever we can for you!
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I have read a lot of this complaint. Why can't whatever dept. that is receiving the equipment enter it as received in the computer and the billing dept. pick up on that. What a way to run a company!!! There should be no issue when returning equipment. I don't understand why exede has to harass a customer so much.
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I agree, the return equipment system does need serious help. I see too many problems like this one, people being billed when the equipment has in fact been returned.

Also boxes sent to old addresses when someone moves, causing a delay, and getting the customer billed for non returned equipment.

And, as has happened to me twice, changing from a Residential to a Business account, or Business to Residential account and, thus , the equipment is still in use by the customer - you still get billed for non returned equipment and have to go through the whole refund process.

All of the errors amount to wasted time and, employee hours that Exede has to pay for and, upset, unhappy customers. Sometimes that does cause overdraft fees as well and, yes Exede will reimburse those as well, if you can prove solidly that the only reason for the overdraft charge was an Exede billing error. That costs Exede even more money than just having to refund the erroneous charges.

I get that the equipment goes to a processing center and, that's likely where the problems are with things not being recorded properly, or timely but, some of is the billing system too, kicking out bills without a double check method in place to see if the equipment really has been sent back, whether received yet or not (tracking number check) and/or checking to see if the customer is using the equipment in question on another account at the same address.

As the saying goes - To err is human, to really foul things up takes a computer.  Yep, that's equipment return.
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Thanks Bev for at least realizing there is a problem. But since is keeps happening you would think they would figure out what to do about it instead of just letting the problem continue and getting customers so upset.
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I suspect that the processing center that Bev referred to is a 3rd party company under contract with Exede and is not Exede itself.  These days, anything requiring employees is expensive due to, in no small part, endless government regulations, fees and taxes.  Since Exede is a small company, I suspect that the burden of doing this in-house was large enough that they needed to contract this part of their service out to a 3rd party company whose business it is to provide services like this to other companies.  The tradeoff is that the employees of the 3rd party company do not work for Exede and are likely minimum wage employees who are not very concerned about the quality of their work.

Fortunately Exede has anticipated that problems like this can arise and does provide Exede customers a means of communicating directly with people who do work for Exede if need be, through and, sure enough, Exede Matt B has chimed in here and suggested that Sharon send them her information so that they can fix this problem for her.
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Did what? The TRIA arm is always offset and not pointed at the satellite if that's what you're referring to. From the look of the dish elevation adjustment it's likely clearing the roof by a substantial amount - the dish points at the satellite collecting the signal(s) and focusing them on the TRIA.

What issue are/were you having? FWIW, More charges are on the way if you still have the modem and TRIA in your possession.

Contact for some assistance. This is primarily a customer-to-customer support venue. A hockey fight should be breaking out any minute now.
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I fail to see what they did either.
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Please email us at with your account information and a detailed explanation of your situation.  
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It could be that he is showing that the installer aimed the dish with his house in the way. Hard to tell from the photo. He must be getting a poor or no signal to have posted this.
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Separate issue.

Please reference the new conversation here: Termination fee concerns

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