need help with understanding my usage

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email sent about usage being at its limit for month.
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Posted 4 years ago

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It is something of a learning curve learning to manage data usage.

I don't know what plan you have but, the biggest usages of data, in order of which uses the most.
Streaming HD Video
Streaming SD Video
Streaming music (internet radio like LastFM or Pandora)
Downloading any of the above or game
Playing online game - browser based or flash game like those on Facebook are worse than installed MMOs like WoW, Rift, Defiance, etc...
Pictures and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Browsing, blogs (without video), forums and email do not use that much.

VOIP like MagicJack, Ooma, etc... (except Excede Voice) and video chat or conferencing will also use data, more for video than just voice. In Game voice chat used in many MMO games uses extra data as well.

Minimizing those things helps, as does setting your social media sites not to auto play videos (usually done per site in the site preferences or settings.) Running an Ad Blocker and Flash blocker stops advertisement videos form loading and using your data. there are several, search for one you like free or paid options are out there.

I've been a Viasat (WildBlue/Excede) customer since 2006 and, I'd be happy to help you manage your usage. Just let me know what you need or like to do the most of that is likely to be gobbling up your data. I'll be out of town this weekend and, won't have internet access but, I'll get back to this thread on Monday.
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Hi  Robert.  Bev is correct. We some some great articles on our website regarding data. Here are a few I like to recommend: 

I hope this helps.  If you need additional information please send an email to

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I am having he same problem. I don't do any of the things that eat up data and my windows are minimized when not web browsing or checking email, yet ,overnight I somehow went thru 3.7 gigs of data! I've called about the problem at least 5 times now and they keep telling me it's from watching videos. I haven't watched a video on this computer in several months! what the heck is going on? Some enlightenment would be appreciated,thanks, Mary Jo
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Mary Jo, You need an ad blocker and flash blocker program. If it's showing videos, it's because there are video advertisements or, other short videos that auto load on the web pages you go to. Also, when you are not viewing any web pages, you need to EXIT the browser , not just minimize it. minimized pages will continue to load data all night long. (usually advertisements)

If you have Windows 10, you need to do the following.
1. Click on the notifications Icon on your task bar (it's the speech bubble right beside the time and date)
2. Click All settings in the panel that opens.
3. Click Network and internet in the next window that opens.
4. Click on ADVANCE Options in that window.
5. Scroll down a little an make sure Set as Metered Connection is ON.
6. Open the start panel, right click each icon there and choose Turn Live Tile OFF.

Now Windows will not download stuff or keep updating those icon images until you actually tell it to do so by clicking on the icon or, by turning off metered connection when it notifies you that you need to do so to allow an update of Windows to download.

That puts YOU in control of when Windows can update, when new apps can be downloaded and, when things like Weather and social media apps update information and images.
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Bev, I don't have windows 10. I have had the Exede service for 5 years now and this has never been an issue before. I have only been experiencing this problem in the last few months and have not changed my Internet habits.
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Mary Jo,

What operating system(s) do you use?

The same caveats regarding metered mode and live tiles apply to Windows 8. Windows 7 has its own set of caveats. In addition, Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 are also impacted by Microsoft's rollout of the Windows 10 upgrade, which is being downloaded in the background unless you take actions to stop it from doing so (regardless of whether you actually install it or not and is upwards of 3 GB),

Identify the operating system(s) you use and some targeted advice can be offered since each has its own set of quirks to deal with.

Since you mentioned "videos" being identified as a possible culprit, beware HTML5  autoplaying and auto buffering videos that may appear on web pages also. Recommendations regarding those require knowing both your operating system(s) and browser(s).

Finally ensure that neither Dish nor DirecTV are accessing your router (if you have one) regardless of whether you take advantage of their viseo on demand offerings.

Again, all guesses lacking any specific details regarding your environment.  While you haven't changed your internet habits, the internet has changed its habits and the things using it on your behalf have.
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i never get any type of email regarding data usage and using windows 7