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This cycle rolled over on the 20th and I'm already at over 10gb of usage. The new monitoring tool Exede gave us allowed me to get some clues. For the first week or so of the period, there were huge spike of activity, always between the 4-5pm hour. That doesn't correlate with my activity. The tool doesn't break down the data usage all that well, but it does say that on those days a substantial amount of data went to "Storage", so I'm assuming that is the culprit. It appears something is automatically syncing at 4pm.

The thing is, I have no clue what it is. I have iCloud disabled on my Mac and iPod, I never signed up for OneDrive or Asus WebStorage on my laptop. I don't think there is any cloud stuff enabled on my Android phone or my Nvidia Shield TV box and if there was, there wouldn't be that much new data for it to be syncing since I don't download anything on them or take pictures. Both of them are also set to not automatically download updates. I do have dropbox, but that is usually paused until I need it and it doesn't show any activity for 5 weeks.

I recently upgraded to Windows 10, but I disabled that file sharing thing they do, and set my connection to metered. Looking at the data usage from both the Windows 10 and Android phone shows usage well within expected ranges, with nothing to account for the large data Exede is saying that I've used. Nothing has changed with the Mac or the iPod in many months so I don't see why they would start doing this. The iPod is always set to airplane mode anyhow. My router's logs aren't showing any unusual upload numbers for those days, so it doesn't appear to be something being uploaded to a cloud service. The router is not only secured, but too far away for neighbors to pick up on without extra effort, and I trust all of them anyway.

Whatever it is that was doing it seems to have not done it for the past few days, but I would really like some suggestions as to what might have initiated those downloads.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi John,  It sound as if you have done many of the things we suggest.  We don't have access to specific websites or the applications you have on your system.  We always  suggest that if you are using a router to make sure it is password protected.  Please send your account and contact information to and we will review your account.
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Yeah, I already know that you can't provide any information about which specific programs I'm using. I was just hoping that maybe some users on here had had similar experiences and might be able to suggest what it may be.
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The same thing happened to me. I was on vacation with everything at home either turned off or unplugged. High data use at 4 a.m. I am on Freedom Pass and used up all my high speed data the 2 weeks I was not at home. No help from Excede.
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Same here. We used 12gb in less than two days with no one home and devices turned off.
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I am also having a similar problem. My data restarted yesterday and I am halfway through my monthly quota when NO one was home yesterday to use the service! Computer was turned off and cell phone was with me and I had even unplugged my router so whats going on?
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Hi Lora, 

Please send us an email to so we can review your account and see what’s causing your data intake.  
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This is what happened to me as well . my data reset on the 12th. The 13th they said my data was used then on the 20th they sent me another email saying i used up all my data  when between the 13th and 20th i couldnt even sign on with exeed I had to use my cell phone tether. They wont tell you whats eating up your data because nothing is but exeed itself.
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Windoze 10 couldn't care less about your "metered connection" choice if you are wired to your router by Ethernet cable. It only respects that choice if you are connecting to the Internet by a wireless connection (WiFi).  If your computer connects to your router via Ethernet cable, that is your weak link.  "Cut the cord,"  use a WiFi dongle.  Win 10 also doesn't nag you to do updates if connected by WiFi and allows limited updates when you choose to update.  I quad-boot and Win 10 is one of my choices.  Win 10 has not yet so much as suggested I allow an update and it's been used sparingly for about 3 months now (I only use it for games because it has DirectX 12).  I connect to the Internet using a Wifi dongle.

My 2 cents.