My Speeds During Peak Hours!

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hiya guys just wanted to post a good speedtest (DOT) net of what my speeds where at 11:55pm tonight :3 am imma VERY happy with it :3 BUT!!! i to know it does get slow for me during peak hours. BUT!!! IMMA SO FRICKING HAPPY!!! :D

here are my results tonight :3 ENJOY!!! :3

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Posted 1 year ago

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What plan do you have that you are happy with this kind of speed? At least, they sold you on 12Mbps
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well i have the 12mbps plan one :3 imma onto the freedom plan one :3 the 150gbs one :3
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Great Ping time
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thank you :3
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This is my speed at 11:00 P.M.
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Don't know which speed test site your using but a latency of 53 ms is impossible on a satellite internet connection - 600+ is the norm for satellite making that test suspect in itself.

Try testing using - select 13 MB from the manual test size drop down list for a more accurate result.

Not inferring that you don't have speed issues but 53 ms latency (aka ping) isn't possible making that test somewhat suspicious.

A 53 ms ping on satellite would indeed be awesome... breaking the laws of physics usually is and is generally exciting to say the least ;)
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its a att or comcast shill
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Here is what my speeds are at your own sight you suggested.They are still dang SLOW
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Have you used up all your priority data?
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Here is my speed. I am well pleased! By the way, It is raining here right now! I can get these speeds even during 7:00pm or 8:00pm in the evening.
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Hi Tim,  Thanks for the feedback.  We appreciate knowing it very much! Have a great weekend.
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Off peak but shows the potential....
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