My speeds are slowly BUT!!! Surely coming back to the way they where!!! :3 THANK YOU BRAD FOR RESPONDING!!! BUT!!! Still wondering something

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hiya guys!!! :3 my speeds ARE coming back up slowly but surely!!! :D brad responded!!! :D BUT!!! into the email he said... that matt b was out of the office until this tuesday... WHICH!!! i thought it was my fault... cause... i feel SO HORRIBLE!!! i was thinking to myself... did i MADE matt b go out of the office until tuesday??? i hope he will read my message that ive sent to to the viasat email... and i to was thinking... i dont know IF matt b will even respond to my message... BUT!!! MATT B!!! IF your reading this...

i feel SO horrible that i even sent ya a message... but brad responded saying no worries... BUT!!! I CANT feel this feeling... that you wont READ my message... so therefore... imma sorry for making you go out of the office... BUT!!! HOPE ya having a good day now!!! :3 ALSO... HOPE YOU BACK TO YOUR NORMAL SELF!!! HELPING OTHER PEOPLE OUT!!! :3

ALSO BRAD THANKS FOR RESONDING!!! telling me no worries :3 BUT!!! i still having this feeling... (and YES i CAN feel everyones feelings and so on... even if they are far away... BUT!!! cause imma empath... so i can feel other peoples feelings DX and read them also...) that matt b wont get a chance to even read my message... BUT!!! i have a feeling he did... but sadly... wont respond to me... 

BUT!!! MATT B!!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!! THEN PLEASE TELL ME OR RESPOND ONTO THIS POST!!! TELLING ME IF YOU GOTS MY MESSAGE!!! IF SO!!! I STILL FEEL HORRIBLE!!! ;-; and so... i wanted to say to matt b IF he did respond to this post... IMMA SO SORRY!!! I FEEL SO HORRIBLE!!! AND FOR THE TROUBLE I HAVE GIVEN YOU!!! to be honest... as imma writing this... i wanna cry... cause i mightve made matt b leave the office until tuesday... BUT!!! imma trying to hold my tears back... UNTIL I hear something from matt b myself... i CANT relax... until i hear from him... OR if he posts onto my post...

BUT!!! I WANTED TO TO SAY THANKS TO BRAD FOR THE RESPOND!!! :3 and stuff... BUT!!! i hope matt b WILL and respond to the email i sent... cause i still have this uneasy feeling of him... BUT!!! IF he responds on here!!! THEN ID BE HAPPY!!! :D BUT THANKS AGAIN BRAD!!! :3 AND ALSO HOPE TO HEAR FROM MATT B SOMETIME!!! :3
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  • HAPPY that my speeds are coming back slowly BUT!!! SURELY!!! :3 STILL sad that i made matt b leave the office... OR that i made him feel a certain way... ;-;

Posted 2 years ago

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Mama warned me that there were people in the world like this, but I didn't believe her----now I know,,,,LOL
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There are people like Brad and Matt B everywhere!  Born to help others in their pursuit of the perfect internet connection. We are lucky to have them on board.
( and Deku is one of our top Champions and spokespersons, lest you forgot.)
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and Deku is one of our top Champions and spokespersons, lest you forgot.
I'd have thought everybody knows this by now.  Nobody else can make a post that makes everybody smile...  every time.
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Deku,I read the message, Brad let me know you sent it. I am always out of the office Sunday and Mondays, and yesterday I had a project that kept me from doing any of my normal duties. I'm glad your speeds are getting better!!

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oh ok!!! :D and thanks for the luffy picture!!! :D and oh i see now ok... WELP!!! IMMA GLAD THAT YOU ARE AOK!!! :3 AND THAT YOUR BACK TO YOUR JOB NOW!!! :D