My iPhone and devices lose connection every few minutes?

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I had the freedom 150 for nearly two years and never had this issue. I switched to the Unlimited Gold and received a new modem which I connect to my Netgear router. I don’t know if it’s the internet connection or my modem but I use WiFi mainly on my phone (iPhone 7+) and since I’ve upgraded, after a few minutes it loses connection and then connects again after another few monutes. I also noticed it does this on my tablet as well. It’s very frustrating. I’m considering going to a different internet service because of this problem. And the internet is not even faster then my old plan. It seems petty but with no signal where I live, the WiFi is a must for my devices and for it to work the whole time I’m on my phone or tablet. I have tried anything. I called exede and they didn’t even understand my problem and said it looks fine on their end... does anybody else have this problem? Is it my internet connection or the modem? What do I do?
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Don't walk away Renee... sorry couldn't resist and am showing my age and yes I know the real lyric ;)

Are you certain your WiFi (wireless) access is solely through your Netgear router (it could be a simple configuration issue easily addressed by eliminating some potential conflicts between the two routers). Similarly disabling WiFi (wireless) on the Exede WiFi modem may yield some immediate relief - many have done that simply to overcome its tendency to be slow in certain environments.

Yes, others have the problem. Connecting using a wired connection (if possible) would allow determining whether it's the internet connection (modem) or the WiFi connection (wireless router) itself. Determining the cause is the hard part - the fixes are usually easy.
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I agree with Old Labs.  Personally, I'd run the Exede wireless for a while without your Netgear router and see if the problem persists.  Since you mention loss of service more than a problem with service speeds, that will give you a clearer sense of whether you are actually losing service periodically or if it's a router configuration issue. 
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I went to the unlimited plan and received the new modem, it is a bit faster with downloads than the old, totally reliable  modem that i used with my linksys router.  Old modem about 8 to 15 Mbs, the new modem 5 to 19. But the upload of the new modem is pretty bad, hard to get over 1 Mbs, where the old modem would normally be 2 to 3 Mbs.

Also the youtube quality is not as good as with the old modem, optimized for 480, i probably had 720 with the old modem.

Reliability, concerning wifi is about the same, so the router portion of the modem is working fine.

I found that it took a day for the modem to either update etc. and start performing better.  Initially it was bad, i almost hooked up the old modem again.

Call tech support and go back thru all menus to insure everything is configured correctly.

Good luck.
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One thing to check is that the wireless devices are only trying to access one SSID. If you have multiple SSID's configured, then the device will try to automatically connect to the best signal. If you are going to use the netgear (im assuming its a 2.4G), may I suggest only enabling the wireless N on the exede modem and changing the password so you know the tablet and phone aren't trying to access anything but the 2.4G signal, which is more stable but less throughput. Hope it helps.  
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Hi Renee,  Our forum member have some great advise.  If you are still having an issue, please send an email to or call 855-463-9333 for immediate assistance.  Include your account information and contact information in the email.  Thanks, Exede Diana