My internet speed is 2.68 mbps on the download. I pay for 25 mbps, what is the problem?

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I am simply inquiring regarding my internet speed. We just had Excede internet installed with the promise of at least 12mbps, we are nowhere close. It needs to be solved!

Tnx, Keith
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Keith Rascher

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Posted 4 years ago

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i pay for 12 down and only get 6.  Standard for internet companies that are a monopoly in an area.    
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Hopefully, you weren't actually told at least 12 Mbps, cuz everywhere in writing it says up to 12 Mbps.  Assuming you have a good install and no equipment issues (yours or Exede's) your speed will be mostly determined by the number of users in your beam.  I can pull 20 Mbps on weekday mornings, but it may drop to 3 to 5 Mbps in the evenings when everyone is home.  Right now, Saturday night at 11:30 pm, I am running 2.7 Mbps, but I have used up all of my Liberty priority data and am running in the Pass mode.
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The sb2+ is supposed to give you up to 25Mbps/sec. My guess is the sites you are going to might have heavy traffic and the server is having a hard time keeping up. I also have the sb2+ modem and I am seeing 15Mbps at times. I suggest you find several speed measuring sites and see what you get
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I agree with GrumpyOldMan. I rarely see advertised speed during an actual file download but, unless ESVT shows heavy congestion on my beam I do get close to or even above advertised speeds on speed tests (except Java/Flash based ones which I detest anyway.)

Actual downloads depend on more factors than speed tests. A speed test will take the route with the fewest hops to and from the test server while file downloads take whatever path they can and, often jump to little known hops near the destination because those are contracted of provisioned by the company you are downloading from.

EA Games/Origin Games is terrible, but people with DSL complain about it being slow too. On the other hand Trion World Games is incredibly fast, that's one of the few where I routinely see above advertised speeds during a download.

So much depends on other factors  which Viasat has no control over that actual downloads are not a reliable way to judge your speed.
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yes I was also promised at install I would not see under 10mbps ,but I only get 5mbps on a good day
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Hi james,  I'm sorry you were misinformed.   As JEP answered, it is up to 12 Mbps. Becauseso many variables, ViaSat cannot guarantee any particular speeds.
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You buy the service because you don't live in a city with optic cable and other high speed hardware. people in those location typically never complain or try OOKLA speedtest..why?..BECAUSE IT JUST WORKS!

Excede claims all these great things then back tracks on connection about "bait and switch"!!

As Jerry Seinfeld said "anybody can take a reservation... the hard part is actually KEEPING IT"!!!!!
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Peter Scott

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FYI Just paid my bill. At Zero % of Liberty 10 GB. Ran speedtest 4 times... 0.58, 1.64, 3.0, 2.7 Mbps.

Liberty 10 Excede says "12Mbps" then adds post data cap limit of "1-5 Mbps download speeds (morning/daytime) after Priority Data is used."

I can't even get 5Mbps after I just paid!!

I am computer saavy. Don't even start to cloud the issue with clearing out browser cache, checking for viruses resetting router, etc..

I can drive 40 miles to a Starbucks and everything works fast and acceptably.
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The interstate just down the road from me has a posted speed limit sign of 70 mph.  Most times, I am able to drive 70 mph and even a little faster at times.  During periods of congestion, I've had to drive as slow as 5 mph and sometimes have even come to a stop.  It really depends on how many cars are on the interstate and if there are any accidents.  I hope that answered your question.
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Usually the slowest I ever have to drive is 60 mph and that is perfectly acceptable, but like I said, it all depends on traffic.
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Hi Peter,

Stephen is spot on with a pretty good analogy to network traffic. Speeds are UP TO but sometimes you can go beyond it and other times it's like a freeway where you may be a little under it, right at it or sometimes over. If you went over your data limit of priority data the speeds you posted are accurate as that's our Liberty Pass speeds (it'll drop below the 1-5mbps range in peak hours).

If you are under your data limit and getting those speeds, that's a different story and we'll want to take a look at it. For faster support call us at 855-463-9333 or you can email me at and within 24 hours we can do a review but 9 out of 10 times when it comes to speed it's a lot better calling in so we can troubleshoot it live since it could be drastically different by the time the email is answered.

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