My internet is extremely slow, less than 1 mbs

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Posted 11 months ago

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Yes. It is for a number of us, especially during primetime.

Looking for a solution? People have canceled, changed plans, or moved to Viasat-2.

You have options.
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Hello Stephen,  Please send an email to or call Customer Care at 855.463.9333 for immediate support. We're here to help determine what is causing your slow speeds.
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Yeah, I know what’s causing my slow speeds, viasat’s rewrite of the “Plan Policy Update”. And I got the same “solutions” of pay more for less data (called changing plans) or leave. After 10 years with this company and service that was acceptable, they pull the rug from under me with automatic throttling by changing how they compute data usage. Thank you viasat for abusing your long term customers and I’m sure the current and future customers will not be spared.
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i keep thinking that if they can just simply take our data away that maybe they can, and will simply give it back, high hopes i guess :)
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When Exede first offered internet in early 2012, the plan was 7.5 GB both up and down. As time went on, the plans were gradually improved, and now one can get up to 150 GB, although many area can only get up to 50 GB. Also, in early 2012, there was no Free Zone, which may plans now have. Currently, with the technical issues with the VS2 satellite, it is unlikely that there will be plans available with higher data caps. We might have to wait until the VS3 satellites are in service, which hopefully will become operational in 2021.
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All true. The really sad thing was I had 17GB/month plan on Wildblue and then Exede came out with the ridiculously low 7.5GB plan (download and upload combined). The free zone, which is a VERY nice feature and is the ONLY reason I took Exede over Hughesnet was a life saver. I mean just a little over a year ago I was still on the 10GB w/free zone, yet my mobile device had a 14GB plan. Lol