My first 2 weeks with Exede

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I admit, I am one of those people who do my (online) homework, and when it came to researching for my next ISP Exede was my only option. Adams Net & Frontier are all around me just not available till sometime next year.
I knew Exede was metered and that was my only point of hesitation, I have many friends who have had "metered" internet and none of them are happy, but I figured it beat going without for the next 4 to 5 months.
Despite what I read, and the negative reviews I jumped in with both feet and a smile on my face.
My install went well, the installer was knowledgeable and friendly.
I have been a Exede customer for approx 2 weeks now and after the install things started going downhill rather quickly.
My first billing cycle started 4 days after the install, and I was over billed and had to be issued a refund, they hit our card twice for the amount on two different dates and it took a few calls and some patience to sort it out but in the end it was refunded and made right.
On Oct. 15th, 16th and most of today (Sat.17th) my internet has been in the (Syncing phase) where the "N" looking symbol on the modem page has been orange and the internet unusable Tech support thinks its a bad modem.
For short periods of time it comes back up, then quits. I called Tech support and a Tech will see to the issue on Tuesday the 20th.
This all happening within the first 2 weeks of service has made me very nervous, and wondering if this is normal for Exede customers ?
I read some horror stories about Exede, but to be fair this is the internet and people will spin yarns about companies, some flat out untrue, or motivated by competing companies ect.
So I try not to judge.
I just hope and pray that my first two week experience is not a sign of things to come.
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Lawrence--I have had Exede for over 2 years and have been very happy with the service. I did have Tria go bad one time and they sent repair person out and they replaced it. The y also checked the whole system out. and did some grounding of dish. Exede sends outside installers. I was very happy with their work. It cost $95.00 service call . But since you lease equipment that's all it is. We have had service people come to house to fix other things and service calls running like 85.00 per hour plus cost of parts. So like I say my dealings with Exede has been very good. Hope yours are the same.
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::: update :::
The Exede Tech showed up today well within the windows that I was told they would.
His name was "Keith" and I think he said he was from Philadelphia Mo.
Any way, he was very friendly and knowledgeable, he found  a few install errors and had me up and running in no time. The dish needed re-pointing and the ground wire needed put back on, the installer also didnt seal the entry point he drilled so Keith fixed that as well.
Exede also replaced the data that was used by the Modem, Keith explained to me that in the sinc loop the Modem was in it was inadvertently using data and Customer service replaced that data for me.

I see plenty of negitivity on this and other forums, so I think it's only right to give credit to Exede for promptly solving my issue and making things right. To me it seems Exede is getting it right and in my case they did all they could to see that we were happy and receiving quality service, and for that I would like to say "Thank You" to Exede and Keith for the care and attention they afforded the Shimer Family.

                   Mr. Lawrence Shimer