My experience so far with exede... please someone help me

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This is a issue I filed with the fcc earlier and posting here as well just trying to get noticed:
6 months ago I started trying calling about a issue that had been taking place alot. Slow speeds and internet not working during "Free Time" of midnight to 5 am like advertised. After calling and talking to a supervisor named Jeff I was told that I could not have my issue fixed during the late night free zone due to tier 2 not being available after 7 pm. Frustrated I called back at 8 am the next morning and was told that they would not be able to help unless I called during the time... which when I did I was told they were not there and to call back during the day, I called back the next day to be told I had to call back at night. At this point I realized an obvious pattern and I asked to speak to a supervisor again and was told about going to corporate... I was told to speak to them my issue would have to be "escalated" and I would get a call back, I never received a call back. So I went back to technical support during the day and they took control of my pc and played around and said they had fixed it only to have the issue happen again that night and at this point I was furious. I was told it had to be "escalated" to an engineer and I would get a call back, I never got a call back. I called again a few days later and sat on the phone for 8 hours to get to speak to an engineer and finally managed to get one where I was told my issue would be "escalated" and I would get a call back, I never received a call. At this point obviously broken I decided to try for a different internet and failed to find one capable of providing service in my area I kept what I had and decided to never give up. I have been cussed out by multiple sales representatives, I've been called mean, I've been hung up so many times. Today I decided I had hit my limit and I put EVERYTHING aside to call and handle this. After being hung up on 3 times and being called mean once I finally got someone after 4 hours of trying, it was Jeff and he finally got me to corporate. I talked to a lady that didn't seem to understand most of her own company and could not answer a single question I had. She said if I wanted anything answered it had to be "escalated" but she could provide me to the correct technical team to help my late night free zone issues!, yay! Upon talking to this guy I was told that he had never heard of my issue and he would have to move me upwards BUUUT I would not be allowed to talk to the higher up technical support so he would have to talk for me.... I was annoyed but went along with it to see where it went, 10 minutes later he came back and said that he wanted to look at 100% of my private internet files so he could escalate the issue as to why the way I use my data is causing the late night free zone to break. And the big catch is I would be giving ALL of my private browsing history and every website to people I would not be allowed to ever speak to because as a customer I am not important enough to talk to these oh so lords of technical support. I blew up and told him to have a good day and hung up. A technical issue causing the late night free zone to not work is to blame on me watching youtube videos at night? Nah. So now I am angrily writing this wondering why the only consistent thing in this company is me being told that I am not allowed to speak to anyone and I am not important enough as being a customer of a few years to have the service I was PROMISED at the speeds I was PROMISED. I dont know whos desk this might end up on but please can I please talk to someone from the executive wing that has real power within this company? I know this isnt a place to make a plea like that but I have hundreds of hours of recorded conversations with hundreds of different stories being told to me and the only thing I feel is that I dont matter as a customer and you as a company does not care because you know that you are the only provider available so I have no choice. Have a good day.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Question for you, if they took control of your computer and had 'the issue fixed' for awhile until it came back then it sounds like the dish & modem are working and it's a computer thing.?.

A couple of issues that have helped or 'appear' to have help me are:

1. When in doubt cycle power. Completely turn off the modem, computer and router if you're using one. Let it all sit for a minute to ensure any capacitors are fully discharged before turning back .

2. Check and see if a grounding block was installed on your system (and a ground wire actually ran to a good grounding source).
Mine wasn't. I grounded it on my own.
The going thinking is that just wind blowing across your dish can cause static to build up and without a way drain that off, the interference from the static could cause issues.

3. Check all cable fittings. My connection to the tria was only hand tight, maybe from expansion and contraction due the seasons of heating and cooling.
Tightening that connection and drying out the moisture on another connection got my service back.
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I am so sorry Dalton.  This is exactly what I went through.  I have been a customer since 2013 and my issues were never addressed appropriately.  I heard a lot of customer service comments "escalating", and never received call backs.  I would call again and again, and again. They have burned me out.  I have been keeping a log of the issues that people are having.  Exede is a horrible company and they believe since we have limited providers..........they can just let the blogging solve all the issues that people are having.  Can anyone see a pattern here? 
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well would you rather them tell you there is nothing they can do?  There satelite is at capacity........all you can do is wait for more bandwidth to become available.

Also when a satelite is at capacity they have to maintain there suport for million dollar contracts over customers paying $50 a sucks but as a company the only thing they could do is shutdown new signups and maintain the network the best they can with the bandwidth they have.

They chose to leave signups open because they have a satelite launching soon that has 3x the capacity of current one.......makes sense but sucks for us.

They could also cut prices for all residential customers during this time.........but that prolly wont happen......someone has to pay them tier 1 tech support reps gallery :)

one thing I think I can safely say.......6-9 months from now you wont be complaining about speeds......but another 2 years from will be right back here :P

I know its not something to laugh at and I know how bad it me I live with slow speeds every night for first few hours of my freezone.......and I dont do anything speed intensive during the day.  I just wish I could have my speed when I want it for them 5 hours.......hell cap me at 1mbit 5am-12am but give me 12mbit+ 12am-5am.
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You can reach us in the corporate office directly at Either myself or one of my teammates will review your email and we can work with you.