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So here is my little confession.  I'm not exactly a new customer.  I am a return customer, however I am completely new to this Exede forum thing.

About four years ago I signed up for Exede back when they were doing pretty dang hard data caps.  I think I had an Evolution plan. 

Basically it was something like 10 GB with really hard throttling after that.  The speeds were consistently around 18 mpbs until I used up all of my priority data.  After that speeds would crawl to 256k and below. Fortunately there was a late night free zone from 12am to 5pm.  

I was able to make things work, however I didn't have the Playon software to download video during the LNFZ.  I basically used up all of my priority data in a couple of weeks and suffered with slow speeds until the month reset.  Video buffering was always horrible after using my priority data, unless I stayed up for the LNFZ.

I understood what I signed up for and was okay with it.  Exede never stole any of my data.  I think I was paying about $70 a month for the modem and plan I was on.

Then AT&T offered me unlimited internet again for $35 a month.  I was on a tight budget due to reasons of my own doing, I did some math and calculated it would be cheaper for me to pay the Exede cancellation fee and switch back to $35 a month AT&T internet.  This is what I did, and the whole Exede cancelation experience was fine.  I didn't like paying the fee, but it was in the contract I agreed to and I had no reason to complain.  I shipped back the modem and LNB.  Everything was a pleasant and it was a very straight forward process.

Over the years AT&T kept going up on their internet price.  Believe it or not, the service would even cut out at times.  Eventually the $35 a month plan turned into $42, then $55, and recently $69.

I looked at Exede's website again and noticed they no longer had the hard data caps and that the Liberty Pass would give me speeds of 1 to 5 mbps outside of primetime. 

I thought to myself, those speeds are pretty much what I am getting with AT&T these days (although I was on a 18 mbps plan).  I would have no problem using internet with Exede after using the priority data as long as those speeds are real.

I took a gamble, switched back to Exede and couldn't be happier.  The speeds I am getting are usually better than advertised, and to sweeten the pot, I am paying Exede $60.99 a month instead of the $69 a month AT&T wanted.  

The only time Exede slows down is during primetime.  Speeds get as low as 256k, but to be honest  it is usually a bit faster, sometimes it is 1 to 2 mbps during prime time.  

I have a Playon server that downloads all of my video when the network isn't congested, and I watch whatever I want during primetime with full video quality and no buffering.

I'm a happy return customer.  You guys who are complaining have no idea how things were back when Exede had hard data caps.  Those days seem to be gone.  If Exede has leftover bandwidth, they share it with their customers.  That's what the Liberty Pass is all about.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.  Time to clean up and head to the parent's house for dinner.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Have a nice Thanksgiving.... from another satisfied Exede customer!
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same thing here I tried several different options for internet none of them worked  came back to exede. Noticed they were offering the unlimited plan I jumped on that and have been happy ever since THANKS EXEDE happy thanks giving