My Acurite weather station smartHUB gets booted offline every night around 3AM. Why?

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My new Acurite personal weather station uses a smartHUB wireless bridge interface box that connects by wire to my router and feeds weather data to a server every minute or so.  I got it set up okay about a week ago,  but every night about 3 AM it gets kicked offline and stays off until I power cycle it in the morning.  Acurite customer support says many other Exede customers have the same problem, but they don't know why or what to do about it. I'm on Liberty 10 plan with no late night free zone. It doesn't matter whether I'm in the prime data phase or Liberty Pass, the smartHUB gets kicked off every night about 3 AM.  What is it that happens on Exede about this time every night?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm not sure what happens in the wee hours, but i have a similar situation. I have a different weather station, and use a Meteobridge to upload weather data, that i'vei have for as long as i've had Exede. [ 4 years or more] i can go months with no problems whatsoever, but lately, i've been getting bumped off several to many times a week, all late at night and most all require a hard restart of several of the components. there have been of course some potential rain issues, but it does not always seem consistent with rain either...
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Hi Nicholas,  I must admit I do not know the answer to this question but I will find out.  Please send your account and contact information to Thanks
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Seems mine does much the same thing about 4 AM CDT. I always assumed Exede was doing some daily maintenance.
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4 AM Central is the same time as 3 AM Pacific.  What happens then on Exede every single day?  I have posted new info below in this thread.
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My issue is partly solved for now, but it will come back again, and why is that?

Exede CS gave me 5GB  of priority data, getting me off Liberty Pass data restriction, and that immediately fixed the daily drop out. I was wrong when I stated initially that it didn't matter if I was in Liberty Pass or not; turns out I didn't realize I was already in data restriction when I first tried setting up the weather data interface (Acurite SmartHub).

So I'm good for now, but since I spend half the month on Liberty Pass (despite no media streaming and using 2/3 of my data for web browsing and social networking), the problem will be back soon unless I switch to a much more expensive plan, Liberty 18, $40 more, and even then I would have to watch my data use like an eagle. Freedom Plan isn't available here, and hasn't been for at least a year.

The question that remains unsolved is: why would my data interface be disrupted every day about 3 AM when I'm on Liberty Pass?  It worked fine on Liberty Pass all day long and even through the busiest time on the network, evenings, even though speedtest showed me getting only 0.45 MBPS during those busy times. 

So why the daily interruption at 3 AM?  What happens on Exede every day at 3 AM  Pacific Time. The early bird free period starts then for plans that have a free zone, but Liberty plan has no free zone, so why should that affect me? And what can be done about it? That's a question for the highest level Exede system engineers to answer, and hopefully solve.
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Update: The problem has returned. Even though I'm only starting day 3 of my new billing cycle on Liberty10, and am only using Priority Data, Exede screwed up my weather station data feed just after 3:30 AM this morning. I submitted my account and information to Exede Listens as instructed above, and got an email back saying they didn't know what the problem was, but they gave me an extra 5GB of Priority Data, and that seemed to solve the daily crashing of my Acurite SmartHub. But now the SmartHub is crashed again and unable to update the Acurite servers since 3:30 AM, resulting in permanent data loss. This is unacceptable! 

I was thinking of upgrading to Liberty 18 at an added cost of $40 monthly because I thought the SmartHub wouldn't get kicked off as long as I was not in the Liberty Pass phase (even though it should work fine on Liberty Pass).

But now I see that would be a waste of money, since Exede kicked the SmartHub off this morning at the same time it was happening every day on Liberty Pass. I've used only 14% of my Priority Data and still it got kicked off and crashed.

If people in rural areas had any choice of Internet providers other than the equally lame HughesNet, Exede would be out of business in nothing flat. 

I am very, very, very unsatisfied and pissed off at Exede!  Exede Listens is a lie. Exede doesn't listen. Exede doesn't care. Exede is unfair. Beware of Exede.
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I agree! I had Hughesnet. For. Over 8 year. Their customer service people were a lot nicer than Exede. Sales person that sold me Exede's told me I would be ot happier! I'm paying more and getting less. On stuck as the 2 year contract.
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Nicholas, yes,  it seemed to work better for me for a day or two,  then it got dropped,  twice i think....
I'm pretty sure it is not related to Liberty, or any of the other 'choices'    
Somewhere on this community site,  i think i read that there have been some 'server' issues,      and i feel like that is possibly the problem you an i are having with our weather stations.
I've had a weather station, connected to Weather underground, and several other sites,  for several years,  all with Exede,  and generally I've had pretty good connectivity and a LOT of history.     But,  lately, i've had quite a few late [early morning] drops,     which then requires me to reboot 3 devices  multiple times some times      YES what a pain.

Exede is the ONLY option for internet where i live,   YES if you call the 'regular' support line you get practically NO help,  other than    reboot your devices,   and its all my fault   but i'm way past my contract period,  and see no reason to leave

But  If you contact the exede listens email,     [i at least] have had pretty good assistance to my problems
and overall,  I've been pretty happy with Exede,         it is certainly better than dial-up
here is my weather site with a lot of history..

good luck


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Just a suggestion of an area to investigate,

We have "dynamic" IP addresses and those IP leases have life spans. When the Modem obtains a new dynamic IP a new "lease" needs to be negotiated first between the Modem and the Router and then the Router has to then assign new IP's to the all the connected devices.
At times a router can be ... for a number of reasons a little slow in getting that new Modem lease and "networks" then break down and communication is lost with some if not all devices.
Start digging around in the Modem, Router and if available device logs.
Networking can be as much Art as Science sometimes. but Modems on dynamic IP's are going to "blink".