moved my service they changed my plan

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I recently moved into the house next door to my old location (about 50 feet away). I called to have my Viasat service relocated to the new address. The same people own both properties and the dish was located on the property line between the 2 houses. We didn't have to move the dish, just rewire it and moved the modem to the new house. The company made me cancel my old service and start a new account and have all new equipment installed. They waived the installation fees (they billed me $269 and say they will refund it) and made me go from an unlimited data plan (Silver 25 with speeds of 25 Mbps) to a Liberty 50 plan with a 50 GB cap and speeds of only 12 Mbps and charged me more money per month and made me sign a new contract. Now the new plan sucks and the service is rotten and slow and I'm screwed. I should have rewired it myself and not said anything but I wanted to be honest and not take advantage of anyone. Too bad Viasat didn't think that way.
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Yes Viast's thinking is exactly the opposite of yours!
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When you move or put your Viasat internet on vacation you can only re-start or re-subscribe to the plans that are currently available in your area.  That is how it is.  It sounds like you were fully aware of this before signing a new contract.  
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This was not the way it was explained to me by their representative. They said I was moving to an area where there was no service available and that I could not do what I wanted to do. I explained that I had already had the service and it worked just fine and all I was doing was moving 50 feet to the house next door. I could not make the woman understand this, she kept saying that I was moving to an area of no service. I managed to keep my cool and finally was able to talk to someone who did re-locations. I was finally given a work order and told it would happen that Friday in the morning. I was happy, or so I thought. The local provider (who had originally installed my system) called me an hour later to confirm the work order and schedule explained to me that they couldn't do what I wanted or they wouldn't be paid. She told me my work order was wrong and she got it canceled but could not get me a new one, that I had to call and request the work. I did this and the lady on the other end confirmed what the dealer had told me and she corrected the snafu and we were good to go. Friday came and the rewired dish (with new modem and receiver) were hooked up in an hour and all was well. Now I don't have a problem with them replacing 3 month old equipment with new because they were not charging me, but it seems awful stupid to do this when it wasn't necessary. Anyone can see that this would only drive up the cost. The thing that pisses me off is that I was fine with that plan before and had I not moved i would still be on that plan and going fine. It made no sense to change my plan and they could have let my contract run out and then changed my plan, but no, they had to do it now and cut my plan in half and raise the price. That's what I feel was unfair. Internet providers are like used car dealers and telephone companies, they can tell you anything and make up the rules as they go.
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Yep. Exactly what is expected to happen according to the rules that are spelled out.
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Liberty is probably better anyway than the bronze, silver, and gold unlimited plans anyway. In a way I view those plans like Liberty. Except they put the word "unlimited" in those plans and they take away the download zone.