Modem to tria sync using data allowance?

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Modem attempts to scan, sync, etc. with tria for hours at a
time.  This happens every time I run out of data.  My speed just
doesn't slow down, it KILLS the tria to modem connection and it must re-sync all over again.  When I purchase more data the same thing happens again, the modem to tria connection is killed and the rat-race starts over.  I watch the data transfer numbers at the bottom of the screen showing modem to computer data flow and many megabytes pass before the half-hour to 12 hour sync mess finally ends.I do NOT believe I am being charged for THIS data reporting from the modem to my computer. (

I bought 1GB Friday night and went to bed, computer is never left on. Saturday morning I downloaded a 240MB file during the last hour of LNFZ with 3 minutes remaining.  I read the news on Reddit for half-hour and turned off computer. No computers were on all day.  It gets worse...

My OS is either Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, both with the automatic updates service disabled at the Windows services level, NO updates since first installed. My firewall shows no rogue activity. The tria and modem got divorced again Saturday night and when they finally made-up, I got dapped within 5 minutes. I'm not so STUPID as to have a Facebook account so that's not it, so everyone, save the downloads, updates,lecture junk.

It is my opinion that Modem-Tria negotiations can take a huge amount of data that came out of my data allowance.  I also believe many people that come here with missing data problems may also be victims of this anomaly.

A “sniffer” will be inserted between the modem and the tria to record/analyze everything transpiring between the modem and tria as part of my investigation of what happens when the modem and tria need to re-sync. The modem will be polled often and usage compared to data actually used by me after sync.

My purchased GB of data did not enter my network/computer.  At best, 100MB made it, Why?  I question how much data I have lost as a result of the modem/tria needing to re-sync during the month while I have not been "dapped."

What do you say wise ones of ViaSat/exede?


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