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I have been without internet at a weekend home since May. I have had 4 appointments not answered or the appointment cancelled by the service vendor with no notice to me. This past weekend I drove 300 miles again to the house for a 8-11 appointment and at 11:30pm, I called becasue no one had showed up. The lady on the phone tried very hard to find out what was going on and was told by the service vendor that they had called me and i was aware of the reschedule to 2 - 5. That is a lie, the dispatcher at (REMOVED BY MOD) needs to be replaced because he is not any good at his job. ) never called, texted or emailed me until 12:47 for a 8-11 appt. after I had called in. He then texted that the tech would be onsite at 3 pm. the tech called me at 2:30 and said he had just received the service call and would not be on site until 5:30 as he was a long distance away. I drove another 300 miles home with no service call and this is the 4th time since May that this has happened. They continue to draft my account while not fixing the service. This is the most ridiculous example of service I have ever encountered.
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Jack Penn

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Posted 7 months ago

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Viasat does not vet their subcontractors, your service tech is a third party contractor. Getting a good one is the luck of the draw. Also Viasat only pays them a flat fee+ materials. All 4 techs that visited me when I had Viasat said they got $80. If you are in a remote location who worth their salt is going to drive somewhere that is a 100 mile round trip and spend 1-4 hours for $80? That is why they are flaking on you. Of the 4 techs I had they ranged the gamut. One showed up and brought his girlfriend driving a compact car, he didn't have a ladder and no tools other than a screw driver and a pair of pliers. Another guy was well equipped with a utility bed truck full of tools, hardware and a couple ladders of different sizes. The well equipped guy complained that he should not have accepted my stop and I was making him late for dinner, he blamed all my issues on my computer and the websites I was having trouble accessing. After an hour I just told him to leave.
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HI Jack

Please email us at viasatlistens@viasat.com and we'll take care of this and get the right people involved
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I emailed you two weeks ago and still have not heard a word. I guess this is the kind of service that everyone associated with ViaSat provides. No service and also still billing for 3 months now
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Still nothing from Viasat or Brad Viasat employee.
 Had no contact from anyone at Viasat. All they appear to care about is to sign you up
take your 100.00 each month and provide no service. My service has been down since May. Will not show up for appointments. Clearly do not care
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I'm not seeing an email from the address on your forum profile.  You should have received a case number in an auto reply to your email.  If you did, please post it so we can track your case down and determine why you weren't responded to.

If you didn't, try emailing us again at viasatlistens@viasat.com.
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Just responded to your link from Jack Penn@Completeprojetmanagement.net andmy profile email.
we will see
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This is an example of why folks should buy their service from a local Dealer who has their own inhouse installers.

Otherwise you get stuck with contractors - some good & some......
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Bob is just trying to make a helpful suggestion. But there are good and bad Viasat dealers. My local Viasat "Elite" dealer, I wouldn't recommend at all. But a couple other dealers were on this or the old forum, and I respected them and I knew they wanted to do right (and were not afraid to tell it like it is, even if Viasat didn't want to listen). Alas, they are gone from here.