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To make a long story short I heard of this company because of the bundling package with Direct TV. I talked to a sales representative for about an hour, and she asked what my needs were and I told her a lot of web browsing and some occasional streaming. She told me that the 10 GB plan should be enough and since I was new I would be eligible for the promotional deal for 6 months which was 20 GB. Hearing that this should be enough data for me I went with it. Now being exactly one week into this my family and I had went through the 20 GB. I called the customer service and basically I'm SOL. They told me I can purchase "unlimited" data for an extra $50 but then saw that I somehow could not get it. They also just kept saying that their sales rep. should've told me about this data cap. The sales rep. did but she also persuaded me that this would be more than enough data. I cannot terminate this contract without a fee but I'm already sick of it one week in. It's so slow and I cannot use my internet the way that I enjoy to. I am very disappointed in this company and Direct TV for bundling with it. At Time Warner Cable just for a fraction of the price I could've had unlimited internet. If I had known how little just 20 GB would get me , I never would've gone with them. And to make this even better, after 6 months I drop down to 10 GB for the same price. Its ridiculous that I would have to pay over $100 a month just for more data not even including cable. My advice would be to NEVER EVER go with this provider.
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It just gets worse from here, this is just the beginning. I've been with Exede for 2 1/2 months now and this was just the start to all my problems. I "used" my data all in 6 days, used 30% of the months allotment overnight while I slept and my computer was off, somehow. Nonstop problems ever since, and 2 out of 3 of my months so far started off already capped at 100% of my usage when I woke up in the morning. My advice to you is contact the BBB at the very least, because this just the first drop on this hellish roller coaster.
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I have the Directv bundle with the phone too. Paring the Exede 10gb plan with Directv could be a disaster as any streaming is going to blow through your data in a short time. I have always wondered why they sell this plan without a huge warning on data usage. Directv touts 10,000 movies at the touch of a button but you better not watch too many of them if your are paired with Exede. Movies are best downloaded after midnight. That is what I do and it works perfectly. 

I really like Exede but it's not for the heavy user.
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Hello Mackenzie, there is alot to take in here so please bear with me. First, I am very sorry this was how your first impression with us went and I hope we can change your perspective. Second, that is alot of data to use within such a short amount of time. If you can send us an email to, we can take a look at your usage and see where it is going. If you are just browsing and occasionally streaming there may have been a few things causing quick usage that we need to hammer down for you to prepare for next month.
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To Exede employee or whom this day in age any web-browsing will eat up all kinds of data and fast! Web-Sites continue to get more complex and add more eye candy,flash or video to the sites consumers visit that will rip through 20 GiGS fast. I hear it all.. well turn off this or that to save data....well in my opinion why should I or any other customer have to with the price we are paying, It is a sad thing when an exede or any other satellite provider charges a customer 50% to 75% more depending on the service package then a internet provider in town/city. I have friends that get speeds from 30-60 Mbps & unlimited data for $29-$50 some prices can go up a bit if you add a phone services to them but still it is very reasonable.

I read on one of exedes pages that they put data caps on the service to make sure speeds are at optimal all the time..Well I find the speeds ever so I find that hard to believe. There is no reason what so ever that these providers could not offer unlimited high speed internet for all....If satellite has a problem keeping up with the little ol' internet why can satellite TV stream all kinds of TV,Movie,Radio through several hundred channels with no lag. It can be done it's not cause of the money.

I am playing with Exede now but still have my DSL provider..where I am at the speeds are bad even being DSL but can get way more data in a month with the slower DSL then with the Exede...So I might be dropping Exede if I don't see some changes come our way!
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And just why is it Exede's fault when what they are delivering--exactly as was promised and paid for--is insufficient for your use? You certainly can take issue with the initial salesperson at DirectTV, but it is not Exede's responsibility or fault if you are ignorant of the actual data your habits consume.

Exede delivers a service, primarily to customers living in rural areas where there are no other internet options available. They neither lie about what they offer or what they charge for that service. If their service is not sufficient for your habits or needs, go elsewhere--or change your habits. But it is the consumer's responsibility to be cognizant of the extent of their usage habits--before the commitment is made to Exede.

It is not Exede's fault that you purchased the wrong product for your needs.
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It is not exede that lied to you it was the retailer that sold you the package. File a comsumer complaint on them and also they are going to keep lying until people start taking these people to court. Exede gives the retailers that sell their product the info and if they dont pass it on to you the consumer it is not Exedes fault. The retailer could care less cause like this they arent getting the slack from it Exede is. Take it up with the people you talked to that said this was best for you.
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Don't write off Excede  as "non-liars".  I have been dealing with then directly for THREE months and they continually tell me things and do not follow through. I talked to a service supervisor (or so he said) two days in a row and the second day he told me he'd never talked to me and that there was nothing in my file about the problems we've been having.  Excede is ultimately responsible!
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Don Anderson Sr.

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I've been called a liar by a service rep when I told him about the 5 Gb give away and I had been given 5 Gb. , This was the rudest rep i ever had contact with on any site.

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Exede Kimberly

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Don, that is absolutely unacceptable behavior and I apologize on that agent's behalf. Please send me your information to I would like to make an adjustment to your account. Thank you for your time.
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Exede Kimberly

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Steve, all calls must be notated before disconnecting the call. I'd like to look into this situation to see who you spoke with, what was notated and to assist you in any way I am able to. Thanks.
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Exede Kimberly

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This isn't right Steve. /: I responded to your comment on "disappointing customer service". We will get this figured out.
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Mackenzie - Hopefully, one of the Exede folks can get you squared away.  Web browsing and a little bit of streaming shouldn't be busting your data cap.  There are a lot of background services such as cloud storage and Microsoft "Live" programs and Google services that will.  Got to figure out where your data is going.  I have multiple computers/tablets/phone on line +16 hours a day and have never hit my cap in almost 9 years of being with Wildblue/Exede.  It's just a matter of figuring out where your data is being used.  Good luck.
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I completely agree with you Mackenzie, this is the WORST service ever.  Anyone looking at this board considering going with this company, just say NO!
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I wouldn't look at this board and only consider those people who are having problems....can't ignore what people like JEP and other satisfied customers are saying...he gives a lot of detail as well....not just generalizations about good or bad.   When I not long ago looked into Exede's overall reputation, I found an A+ BBB rating and more than one online independent article praising exede over other satellite internet providers.  the complaints you see here are coming from a minority of exede customers compared to the vast total out there. here is a link to one such favorable review about exede,written this month:
and note that while this reviewer finds exede to be "pricier" than some other satellite internet providers, for me it turned out I had to choose between the only 2 available to me which are exede or hughes, and for the same price plans with each (both have a plan that costs $49.99 per month), I get more speed with exede than I would have with the equivalently priced hughes plan.  and I get a late night free zone rather than just a late night time period with what hughes calls "bonus bytes" i'd have to be counting to not go over...
so I switched from a hughes old plan to exede in order to get much higher speeds and more data per month than I had...and I haven't had any technical problems at all, and am very glad I made that switch.  I have a very limited data allowance of 10 gb per month, but am having no trouble at all staying within that limit, even though I spend lots of time online every single day...I wanted to be able to do the netflix movies/tv shows streaming thing, so I got a 3rd party program called and now I can set up a queue of shows/movies to record during the LNFZ while I sleep and then can watch what I record when I choose without using up data.
those of us who live in rural areas and only have access to satellite internet and limited data usage need to be more informed and smarter about our usage in order to be able to be happy with what we do have.
it would be naive of me to think that every single customer who has a problem with data usage really just needs to fix their settings, but I think that probably in the majority of cases, this really would do the trick.  but it can get complicated and isn't as easy as that sounds, so the information and tips found all over this site about how to conserve your data are VERY useful.
when I first got satellite internet 3 yrs ago with hughes,  I was unpleasantly surprised to find I had within a couple of days maxed my data with no awareness as to how that had happened...fortunately I was able to google my way to some answers and, in that case, it was some invisible downloads and upgrading going on in the background that I had never been aware of before...had to learn how to find the right programs and then the right settings to make sure those downloads only occurred during the free zone.  but once you get that down, you can forget about it and go about your internet business without worrying about finding your allowance used up before the month is up.
None of what I am saying has to do with the problem of outright incorrect info given by exede subsidiaries to prospective customers before they sign up, but when I see generalizations about how terrible some people think exede is overall, makes me want to point out that there is another side to THAT story.
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I have been thinking about going with Excede because I hate Verizon so much.  They have a monopoly in our rural area and our bills for Directv, landline phone and DSL (not FIOS) is usually $218 a month.  My Directv is $78.  excede tells us our bill will be much, much less.  We don't stream movies, we play pc games online, pay bills, and read a lot online.  We've been told by the saleswoman we shouldn't have any problem using too much data.  But after reading all this I'm getting cold feet.  They're coming to install today and the installer's 2 hours and 40 minutes late.  Maybe this is a case of God being good to me.  Simone

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