Miserable customer dealing with WORST Internet provider EVER!

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First, I was not aware that Viasat does NOT offer any invoices monthly. You get your invoice the date they take  your payment from your account on file. Second, when you sign a contract, you HAVE to keep a payment on file OR you get no support and you are set up for disconnection, what a flippin' joke. Also, the INTERNET SUCKS! I have experienced nothing but lagging and delays ever since I got this provider. I moved and of course, the internet would have to be this way. I am used to Spectrum, 200 mbps, monthly bill of $70.99. Viasat just rapes their customers all the way around. I truly am looking to smash this relationship and move onto Hughes net. Has anyone EVER had them and could provide me with your experience. It certainly has to be way better than this carrier. Wow, is all I can say. I think getting hit by a car would be way less painless than dealing with this carrier, not only with billing but the ability to try and get anything done, is merely IMPOSSIBLE. 

Please provide me with any comments on Hughes Net, if you have had them. Thanks.
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Wow. You better not tell this to one poster on this forum. Why are you such a hater????

To answer your question, Hughesnet is pretty much the same as Viasat. You ate coming from cable. It is VERY difficult to go from cable to satellite internet, despite what others might say. Good luck!
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I have no experience with Hughes so I can’t comment there.  However, satellite is an inferior solution compared to cable in pretty much every way.  It has high latency as the satellites are 23,000+ miles out in space so every transmission has to over 100,000 miles or more for the round trip.  Even at the speed of light, that takes a relatively long time.  And satellites are heavily affected by weather.  Every thunderstorm that passes by takes my offline for 10-20 minutes.  Just the nature of the beast.  And speeds will never match that of a ground system, even if the LEO folks are successful.

I have had good experience thus far with Viasat from a billing perspective.  I am used to doing things online and so far their billing has been accurate.
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Since you asked about the competitor, this will likely be deleted anyway.  How Hughes is in your area depends completely on your area.  You need to find someone in your same "beam" to ask about performance, every area is isolated.  That said, here, Hughes is half the price for double the data on the cheapest plan.  But, that won't help much with high use, because thresholds for sat. are well under the average households data usage.  Hughes may be better after you hit the data cap.  All things being equal, it's more of the same.  Same types of thresholds, same latency.

If you have any cell service, most carriers have unlimited options if you look around, some current, some discontinued but possibly obtainable from someone getting rid of theirs.  Some have limits, more expensive options might not.  Check wireless forums.  Blue carrier has a $35 ipad plan that people move to a router, and it works fine I hear (no blue at all here, haven't tried it).

Look for a WISP.

Starlink looks like the best possible wide spread solution if successful.

Coming from cable would be hard, I've never used or seen any connection above about 30 meg (town within 70 miles doesn't have it).  Going from capped dialup in the 90's (30 hours), to capped satellite in the early 2000's was a VAST improvement.  But then, going to capped cellular was vastly better than the overstuffed, closed to new customers Viasat at the time.
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With any wireless internet service whether it be satellite, fixed wireless, or cell wireless, it is all about location, location, location. Depending on terrain a distance of as little as a mile can make a big difference in strength of signal. The best thing to do would be to find out what your close neighbors are using and what issues they have. Also all types of wireless can have congestion issues. A lot of people where I live have dumped satellite so that service could have improved since I had it over a year ago.
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Go over and browse the HughesNet Community at https://community.hughesnet.com/

You won't be able to join since you're not a customer, but you'll find both good and bad experiences there and even some of the very same complaints. Although discussions are  a little more civil over there and you'll also find the HughesNet moderators much more proactive in solving support issues due to a different philosophy there (more of a support role than marketing or social media moderation).

Satellite internet should be your last resort if other alternatives exist but now you're locked in unless wanting to pay the early termination fees. If you signed a contract without knowing those things you stated, you should read it now regarding early termination and other items you may have overlooked. Choose wisely...  
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I have had both companies. At one time Viasat had an edge over Hughesnet, but Viasat's customer service, plans, and pricing has eroded pretty significantly over the last few years. Now, I would not recommend Viasat in my area under any circumstances. It is over priced and under delivers. But again, that is in my area. Others might find Viasat works better than Hughesnet where they live. But i cant think of any scenario where satellite internet is better than cable.

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