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Will my AT&T microcell work with Excede? Because we are in a remote area, we got the microcell for cell phone reception. We currently use it over DSL but are thinking of switching to Excede.
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Ruth Yamamoto

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Do you have data caps on your dsl service? There is on Exede. There is also no trial period so you need to be sure you want to switch this sort of service.
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Jack Prindle

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DO NOT SWITCH! With the Data Caps of Exede, and the way they count data, using your microcell will use up your data in a short period of time and then you will be restricted and throttled back to a point where your internet will be useless and you will not have any microcell connectivity at all until the end of your billing cycle. Then the cycle will repeat. You will be better off staying with DSL.
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I too live in the sticks in Va but have a verizon personal cell tower. Verizon told me it will not work with satellite as the ping is too long. I needed a second internet as backup anyway so got a local microwave internet hookup which does not have the delay issue.  
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Hi Ruth, to answer your question AT&T Microcell will work with
Exede Internet service. Exede does have data caps. Contact us at
exedelistens@viasat.com and we can discuss if Exede internet is the best plan
for you. Thank you for considering ViaSat Exede Internet. Exede Diana

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I have been using my Verizon micro cell on Exede with no problems. The amount of data consumed will vary by the amount of time you are actually using your phone. As Alex has stated in another thread, it is wise to have your smart phone use the wifi connection for data and not use the micro cell for the data, unless you have an unlimited data plan on your smart phone, otherwise you will be using both Exede data and your cell plan data allotments.
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Microcell will work fine with exede, but it does use your data.  I would go with exede voice for your home telephone service bundled with the internet.  You can make calls to anywhere in the US and Canada free and you can port your current phone number if available.  The exede voice product does not use any data, is very reliable and you can use any store bought phone to connect....no special equipment to pay for! 
Most microcells are very expensive.  
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Read the AT&T Microcell user manual, http://www.att.com/att/microcell/downloads/ATT_MicroCell_UserManual.pdf

Page 5:
What type of Internet service does the MicroCell need?

The MicroCell uses high speed fixed broadband Internet service such as DSL or cable. For best performance, your service should have download speeds of at least 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of at least 256 Kbps. You can use any high-speed Internet service provider. Not compatible with satellite or mobile broadband. Contact your Internet Service Provider if your Internet service is slower than minimum requirements.
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Ah! Thanks. Our DSL just meets those speeds, too. You'd think in this day and age there would be better options where I am.
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It costs lots of money to run cable to an area to serve just a hand full of people that's why its not is rural areas as much. Same with DSL it has its distance limits, you can only get so far from the hub and if you're at the end of the line there's no telling the speed you will get or the reliability of the connection.  Also I know they say it don't work with Satellite but there have been several posts here about microcells and that they are working, they just wanted to know about the data usage of the Microcell on the network.

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