Why did my bill go up?

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How dumb can a company actually be? I have been a loyal and mostly very satisfied Exede customer for 2 years now and a long time Wildblue customer prior to upgrading to Exede.
My Plan, Exede 12 which allows me 10 GBs per month for $49.99 of which I rarely use much over 5 GBs of the 10 I pay for has changed. My presence here has been mostly very positive in responding to others with complaints because I completely understand the limits associated with satellite service in areas where other internet services are not available. Cudos to Exede for at least getting me some degree of useful connectivity.
Now for the big surprise. My 2 year customer satisfaction period came to an end on June 21 and so now it is time to thank me for my loyalty. My monthly bill went from the $49.99 up to $62.98 as I now must pay for the equipment rental fees. Up until today my only real complaint has been Exede's refusal to bank unused data left over from month to month that we all buy. I never complained about the constant weather related outages or the slow speeds I actually get or even the slow speeds during the free time that I have never actually taken advantage of. $50 just seemed an acceptable monthly fee for the service I receive. This new billing fee of $62.98 is NOT!
I continually toss all the offers from other satellite providers in the trash because I have little interest in fixing what is not broken. This month Exede jacked up my monthly charges and has officially gone on the list of things that are broken and in need of repair. Their lack of Loyalty to me has given way to a lack of Loyalty to Exede by me and I honestly don't care if the dish on my roof says Exede or Hughes. All of these companies play this game and I have switched between DirecTV and Dish more times than I care to remember. Instead of offering existing customers a little better deal at the end of a contract period they crank up the costs and dare us to switch to one of the other providers with pretty much the same services and much better "Come On" offers for new customers who they hope will switch. I have had Cellular service from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile for this exact reason. Instead of rewarding my Loyalty as an existing customer in good standing they all grow more greedy and hope we will not complain about an additional $12 monthly fee for this BS equipment rental that is already two years old.
My question at this point is, Do you send your installers out to fetch your used equipment or do I just allow Hughes installers to remove it when they install theirs? After I dump Exede off my roof will you then begin sending me all those offers to come back because we miss you? Why not just do something nice to keep your satisfied customers happy?
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You have a few ootioms., stay with exede and pay the rental fee monthly, or you can pay it in advance again and save the $30 by paying for 2 yes again. Other option, go to hughesnet and prepay their lease for 2 yrs or pay 400 and the equipment is yours..but should anything happen with it you will have to pay again to replace it. Another option again check out cell service for internet...down side there is its more expensive then Exede with no LNFZ and they will automatically charge you overages of you go over where Exede does not.

Good luck in your search.
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The same thing happen to me. I prepaid for equipment for the 2year contract. But once my two years were up I 'm charged for equipment. From what I understand you cannot buy the equipment. Also was never offered any prepay deal so that my equipment would be paid and save money. So paying the extra $10.00 along with the ten gig plan cost.

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