Lousy service and overcharged!

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I have had intermittent internet service for almost a year. Numerous service calls, each time I have to go through 30+ minutes of over-the-phone troubleshooting and explaining that the service always comes up but doesn't stay up before they will authorize a technician visit. We have replaced the dish electronics, the modem, my personal router and two coax cables. No fix! I am being charged for the internet service that isn't reliable for more than a few minutes, for leasing the equipment required to get the internet, for maintenance of Viasat's leased equipment, and now, for voice service that I canceled over a month ago because it isn't reliable. Outrageous!
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Posted 6 months ago

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Sounds like you either live in a satellite internet black hole where there is no help or your dish is out of alignment. If it isn't dialed in well any minor disturbance will cause it to drop.
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I have had this crappy service for 5 years they send Ledbetter electronics to service my equipment but they say they dont make enough money on service calls the service is Horrible I pay 187 a monthly with the easy care and the best plan they have there is comcast 1/4 mile up the rd but on the farm this is all I have and it is complete garbage after 50 gigabyte it starts speed throttling me it make me so mad but what can I do cant get service from Ledbetter electronics in maryville tn I think they know how bad they speed throttle and dont evan what to waste there gas. Also customer service tells you the same thing unplug it unscrew it plug it back up. Then they say well we will set up a service call then they tell me I have to call them to set it up..... garbage..... I pay 14.99 for the care plan and I'm the one that has to call and sat it up come on viasat do right by your customer roll out the unlimited plan in walland tn a d quite playing games I've payed to much money for too many years to keep geting shity service. ........... ok that's my rant I say at least 20 times a day how crappy this speed is is to my kids when im trying to do there online school work it is absolutely unacceptable to me as a customer but my family needs it for the kids..
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If cable is indeed only a quarter mile from you, invest in getting it to your house. It will increase your property value and you will be better off in the long run. I mean with what your paying now your investment will pay off in a few years at the most.
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I want out of my contract. Bad service! Slow and not dependable .
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Have you checked to check your signal strength?
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Walt Baty what's stopping you
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I know it sounds totally stupid but I have seen it before.  Is your dish moving?  I have seen poles and buildings literally "move" in wind or from passing traffic, ESPECIALLY if the lot is on fill or other unstable ground.  I have seen walls bend and flex on old houses and new construction alike simply from slamming a door or walking across a floor.

I once had a tree on the fringe of my signal that was no problem in winter, but once it had leaves on it ... and then it was only when the wind blew it into my signal, or the leaves got wet, even from dew.  It was very intermittent, my signal was in and out just as you are describing.

Just suggestions, but definitely sounds like more going on there than the typical "lousy service."
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They finally fixed the problem. They replaced the modem (again) and all is well, just as I am preparing to move and cancel service forever. Makes me wonder if the original tech last September really replaced the modem or mistakenly put the old one back (identical symptoms before and after replacement).

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My experience with Viasat has been a slowing of service at times and regularly having the modem stop working.  When I discovered the modem status page ( I noticed the CPU CORE TEMP was very high, 93 degree C.  The internal fan would come on and lower the temp a little but then shut off.  I'm used to electronics where the max temp allowed is 70.  As an experiment I have placed an external fan blowing down the long axis of the modem.  The temp has dropped to the 60s.  I would like even lower but my modem is in the garage and it's warm out there.  But this is a 30 degree change.  Let's see if this improves operation.