Losing bandwith for no reason at all!

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This Morning Before 12am Free Period started I was at 5.1GB, I just checked at 7am and it says now Im at 6.7GB, thats pure BS because I did all my downloads before 5am EST when the free period ended, no reason I used 1.6GB in that little time, RIPOFF!
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I wonder how much lag time there is on the meter? Use 1GB at 1PM...how long before the meter reflects that usage?
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I have to capture screen shots of my usage on the account management dashboard. I was at 7.5 GB last night and checked this morning to see I am at the same usage... I am still purplexed that Exede can't provide some more sophisticated data usage facility. I will take the data from the screenshots and enter into an Excel spreadsheet.
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Hey Mark, I'd be glad to take a look into your usage to see what happened. Please send your info to exedelistens@viasat.com. Thanks.
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Its has been stated, any more you do not really know what is going on with your computers and your cell phones. I guess the best way to find out is to unplug the modem at 5am, go to someone else's home and check you allowance there. This is going to be the only way to get a true reading. I do not have access to that, well I guess I do, I could use my cell phone to check my usage. Check it at 4:30 AM, then at 5:00 AM unplug the modem, then try another source to sign into you account to check usage. I would maybe even maybe try to go off the air about 5 minutes early. One would think that Exede would turn it on about 15 minutes early and off about 15 minutes later. But they do not have to if they are using world time in you area. The reason I mentioned this to be a good idea is so we would really know. I will be truthful with you, I could not get up at that time. There is no way. But to think about I believe there is a timer on my router to shut it down at a certain time. This is to only allow you kids to use the internet during a certain time. So I could check it that way. I am normally up at midnight. I do not seem to have a issue, so I am not concerned, It is a concern if there is a problem with their equipment.

The company is not doing it, as I have said many of times." It is a big company and it would take many of people to try to cheat you, and that many people would not keep their mouths shut about the issue of cheating you". The employees would not benefit from this, to keep their mouth shut, nor should they any ways.

So that is my idea to see if you are being cheated, and if you find it to be true, I can see posting it and say there is a issue. But lets try steps before placing blame.

I am sure this month I will go over, I don't watch the meter and try to do downloads after midnight. Some you just cant help. This month in trying to compare health insurances during open enrollment, I have downloaded a lot of pdf's during the day. I know that if you have had a issue and found have had to use It more then normal, you can call them and they will credit some more time. They are really great to help you, but you don't want to take advantage of it every month and hurt others by them putting a stop to it.

I would like to know what you find out. I would hope that if you find out it is a issue on your side, that you will make a posting of it. To many people will post bad stuff and never the good. So please if you find out all is ok, let us know or if you find a issue, we would like to know also. I am sure Exede would too, so they can take care of the problem. I know they would want to know.

Daniel Bonnell

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For what it's worth, the usage is updated every 15 minutes when everything is working properly. However, there is an Exede disclaimer mentioned that it can take up to 24 hours for usage to be updated due to technical difficulties that can occur along the 44000 mile +/- trip to the meter display.      

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