Unhappy with data cap

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No internet at all
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Nathan Tuck

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  • very upset

Posted 3 years ago

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Tim Spake

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I think that falls into "up to 12Mbps "
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Chuck Van Thomme

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I been putting up with this stuff way too long.  Every night I lose the internet between 7:00 and 8:00 pm.  Never get what I pay for. Speeds at only at 4 or 5 Mbps.  I finally took care of the problem.  I hired a company to run a Fiber Optic cable one mile under ground for lots of money to my house,  out in the country.   AND I CANCELED EXEDE.   But guess what ?????   I now have internet.  I'm paying for 50 Mbps and I'm getting 62 Mbps  what a deal.  Best move I ever made .
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Tim Spake

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Congrats, wish I had that option.
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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Official Response
Hello Nathan,

Unfortunately due to the limitations of the technology we have to impose data limits as our satellite can only hold so much bandwidth to distribute to our customers. Unlike DSL or Cable, we can't easily expand our bandwidth when needed. It requires a multi-million dollar rocket launch and satellite (which we happen to be doing on Jun 1st!) . Cable and DSL can boost bandwidth by installing more lines to continuously pump data. Unfortunately in lots of cases, not everywhere is as lucky as Chuck was above when it comes to having these services come to them. Those companies are more fixated on the revenue to expand and a lot of times a rural area or small town just isn't worth it to them. We on the other hand can almost service any rural or small area. So that's why we exist: we offer a service to areas that DSL and Cable typically leave behind, we don't actively compete with them for this reason but in some areas we do provide a better service than the local DSL can provide. 

With that said we do have big plans following our launch next month, after we get everything settled, things tested (will take a few months) we can offer some very lucrative packages with more robust data plans and capabilities for online activities such as streaming. Details will come closer to time. 
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Stacy Rasmussen

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Have you heard what the plans are yet for the new service? We just got exede and I am shocked how fast our family is going through the data. It is very frustrating since this is my only internet option.
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Bev, Champion

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Stacy, here are some tips and information about managing your usage. I hope they help you get the most out of your service.

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Jack Thornton

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Yeah big plans with data caps. I could live with the caps, and being throttled. But I do have a problem with being throttled to a 1990 version of slow ass dial up. Which is what I get when I hit the cap. Speeds won't go beyond 76 kbps. If you as a company are throttling all current customers. Maybe you should stop advertising services. As it is a HUGE LIE.......
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You knew how much data you got when you signed up and you bumped a two year old thread.