Looking for best news websites that use the least bandwidth?

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I have given up on finding a solution for our running out of 10GB about 3 weeks into the billing period so I am trying to cut down on websites that may be using it.

My husband likes news websites but I notice many have a lot of auto play type videos or extra ads. Does anyone have suggestions for websites that don't use as much bandwidth?


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Posted 6 years ago

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Casyon and Jill,

Dependent upon which browser(s) you use, there are free add-ons that will block ads and flash media.

For ads (at least those that consume alot of data) - see https://adblockplus.org which covers most popular browsers.

For flash based media, see FlashBlock but links vary depending on your browser.

Alternately, you can simply see if they're available directly from your browser - typcially an item under the browser's tool menu.

An ad blocker as well as a flash blocker will likely allow you to use any of the news sites that you like, but myway.com used to be pretty good as a no frills, spartan news site from my Wildblue days where speed was the issue, but I haven't used it in a long time.   

If unsure about how to install, let us know what browser(s) you use - someone will be able to point you in the right direction - I'm mostly a Firefox kind of guy.      
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Another thing is to make sure that tabs are closed when not using them. Many of the website will continue to update every minute or so even when the tab is not actually open, but still available. It seems convenient to leave the tabs open to save time later, but it is done at the cost of your data being drained.
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I strongly recommend utilizing AdBlock Plus for your web browser, as well as Flash Block, though it takes some time to get it configured for which sites do need flash and which ones don't. 

As for where to get your news, I highly recommend moving away from getting it from different web sites and installing Feedly. Feedly aggregates news and information into a single place. You can also get it on tablets and smartphones. It's a fantastic product and I swear by it. 
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Also, for privacy and security concerns, I recommend the add-on Ghostery. It masks a lot of your online behavior and protects you from items that track your web browsing and then target you with advertisements. It's fairly difficult and time-consuming to configure though. 
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Just to give you an idea, here's a screenshot of my Feedly desktop in Chrome. You can set up categories and organize your feeds accordingly. 

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 @Lab Rescuer that site link you gave is great love it very few if not no ads at all when their is an ad it is plan text and no vids or animated ads
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Casyon and Jill, the suggestions here are awesome and will be of great value to your data use. I can take a look at your data traffic to help figure out what's using it up so quickly. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com. Thanks.
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If I had a jill by my side I would not go into the Giga bites that much, instead take little bites. Aloha from the Maui jungle

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