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I now have the Exede 12 25GB plan with midnite-5am free zone.  My decision to switch to one of the Liberty plans will depend on how my beam is loaded.  It looks to be in the 364/369 beam servicing the East Bay Area of CA (where I live).   I have some big downloads and would bump up against the limit of 18 or 30 GB fairly soon so would have to spend most of the month on the Liberty Pass.  Since I can't go back to Exede 12 after switching, I don't want to regret giving up my free zone at night.  I think it might be lightly loaded due to the numerous other options available to most people closer to the denser populations in my area.  Could anyone give me an idea of the Liberty Pass experience in those beams/my area?

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A good indication of how heavy your beam is loaded is to do a few speed tests during the 6 to 10 p.m. time period, which is the typically heavy time for many users to be on. Make sure you use www.testmy.net, do the manual download test using 12 MB of data. If your speeds are constantly 12 MB or above, then you can figure that your beam is not heavily loaded, and Liberty will work well, even while in the Pass mode.
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364 is in pretty good shape; should be a pretty good Liberty dealio.
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You are in the same area of California that I am.  I live very close to Lick Observatory above San Jose.  I have the Classic plan and will stay with it for 2 reasons.

#1: Control.  I have the LNFZ and know when it happens every day.  I can use up my regular data at the time I choose but will always have the LNFZ, even if I use all daytime data.  The Liberty plans use "Priority data" first, and then you are dancing with snails, for the rest of the month 24-7.  No choice is given when you will use your priority data, it goes first and that's it.

#2: LNFZ.  I subscribe to Giganews (Usenet newsgroups).  The LNFZ does not eat away at my allotted per-month data, it's always fast, always, and is only limited by the hours of operation, not the data used.

Whether we are on beam 364 or 369 is a mystery but our beam is not heavily loaded as determined by the lack of slowdowns caused by "congestion."  I enjoy 28Mb/sec speeds often even with my old Surfbeam-2 modem.

If the ViaSat-2 satellite does indeed get launched late this year, things will open up a lot on data delivery unless ViaSat sees too many dollar signs in their eyes with government and commercial contracts again that are presently eating Viasat-1 alive.

If you are open to advice, heed this:  Stay with your classic plan.  Others have said you can actually download more GB per month on Liberty plans, but they are on congested beams that didn't give our speed during the LNFZ.

Here is beam 364/369 today at 4:25pm.  Notice I test at Fastmetrics in San Francisco, not because they are close, (they really aren't at all) but rather they are fast.  The source you test from makes a  difference.  This speed is typical for this time of day.  LNFZ is usually faster.
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Thank you everyone for the quick responses.  I did the www.testmy.net 12 MB manual download test several times just now around 8:00pm and usually got a little over 2 mbps, with a couple of outliers at almost 20 mbps.  I will try other times and give this time slot another chance in the next couple of days.

I would like to get back to streaming video like Netflix also, as I came to this area from a fiber optic connection, but LNFZ is hard to give up.  I understand the need to balance everyone's use from Exede's perspective. Tough call with not being able to go back to old plan.

Anyway, thank you again!