Life after ViaSat can be pretty good

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Hello all,

Reporting from my secure bunker (somewhere in rural Virginia):

I just wanted to check in to let you all know that life after ViaSat can be pretty darned good. I've posted my most recent speed test result, as of earlier today. That's a bit slower than typical (we're more typically at about 18/3), but the ping is a good indication of what we've been getting. We can stream, we can use VoIP (quite useful when I work from home) and there are no hitches with VPN.

If anyone wants to know more about what my wife and I have done, I'm on dslreports dot com. You should be able to find me easily (search for my user name, it's not that tough to figure out) - feel free to find me and send a private message.

Another former ViaSat user made the same offer for me, and while we didn't end up going with the solution he suggested, he got us pointed in the right direction. You know who you are and we are grateful!

Note this post is not a slam of ViaSat. They can be a decent option for some folk. However, some other folk have not been thrilled with changes to policy (de-emphasizing the retail market in favor of the commercial and military market). This post is for those people.

If you're happy with your current plan, there's no need to reply. This is an offer of help for any who might not share in that rosy outlook. 

-- Rique

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Posted 2 months ago

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I am getting better then that with ViaSat, just measured at 37.8 down and 3.27 up but then again its my only internet option in this rural area.  Im lucky to have AC power but still use well water and septic system:)
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Robin, until you post a screenshot showing an accurate ping for satellite no one here believes you.
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Robin, you've posted a lot of positive comments about ViaSat and I'm sure many are happy for you. However, you perhaps might want to consider if it's necessary to say the same thing 50 times in a week? As I clearly stated, the above wasn't intended for those who are happy with their current plan and there was no need to reply:

"If you're happy with your current plan, there's no need to reply. This is an offer of help for any who might not share in that rosy outlook." (emphasis added to the above quote).

Concerning speed, we also would get speeds better than what I posted. Typically, that would happen during non-prime time (in the wee hours of the morning or during the work day). Unfortunately for ourselves and for others on the same beam, after about 6PM speeds would plummet and we would get results in the range of 1.5 down and 1 up. During weekends and holidays, our speeds were consistently bogged down in the same range. And of course, regardless of speed, there's nothing that can be done concerning latency (ping times). There's no way to shorten a 30k mile round trip.

Some might claim that congestion in the primary culprit for speed issues, but that's not borne out by the facts. Those results could not have been not entirely due to congestion, simply because prior to the policy change (which ViaSat announced in January of this year), our performance was much better (more like 12/2 and often better than that - we could even stream!). Following the policy change, prime speeds plummeted and never returned to earlier levels of performance. 

Since you do so like to broadcast your good results so much, how about adding a screen cap of your speed test results, such as what I added to my post? Use the icon that looks like a little camera, it will prompt you to upload an image.

If you don't know how to generate an image of your speed test results which you can share with the community, I'd be happy to help.

There is no need for you to reply unless it is to share your test results with a screen grab (or to ask for help in sharing those test results - as I said, I'd be happy to help you learn how to do it, if needed). 
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Which plan were you on again Rique?
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We were on the Freedom boost plan - speeds up to 25 and a cap of 150. We were among the lucky ones to have jumped on a great offer while it was briefly available. We were okay with it (not thrilled, but okay with it) until the policy change. Following the policy change, let's just say it went sideways (and that is being charitable).
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The policy change is what made me an ex satellite. So I must thank Viasat for that!!!
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I would be thrilled to rip Viasat right off my roof after 15 years of otherwise positive service. They have received over $10,000 from me after all these years and the very one time I go over the data cap they throttle me never even considering all the months I used less than half of my allotted data. I want so badly to tell them to KMA but then I have to consider I have just one other option, Hughes! Pretty doubtful they will be even one GB better so these providers have me by the short hairs as a Captive Audience. Hey Viasat, you should give me back every GB of unused data that I bought and paid for over all these years and put it in my account for the odd month I need a couple gigs more. What part of that is so hard to understand??????????????????????????????? 
I never have complained about the up and down speeds and actually don't even do the tests out of fear the tests will burn up what puny data I get. Do the math folks, $60+ per month for 15 years and I become the bad guy when I go over the data cap for just one month and get throttled.
Hey Robin, I am thrilled that you are thrilled, let us hear how thrilled you are the first time you exceed your monthly data allotment and they slam the breaks on your world. Here are a few tips I have learned over all these years. Don't buy any Apple gadgets with all of their constant data hog updates. Don't buy any MS windows gadgets with any of their constant updates. Don't go to Youtube, Netflix or any other streaming service and be absolutely certain you have any and all Auto Updates either turned off or set to install during the LNFZ. Be also very aware that all of these updates can and will change your preset settings and you won't even know it until you get the dreaded notice "You used all your allotted monthly data and are now throttled".
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Glad it is working for you Rique! Some people just dont get it. Speed is only one measure. Reliability, low latency, and truly unlimited data are also factors. To think that satellite internet can compete with reliable, hard wired internet is laughable.

Try using 200 or 300GB of data in a month HD streaming and see how satellite internet works then.
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37.8 down, LMAO!  You must be in one of those pristine locations on a prime beam on VS2!!  My last month on Viasat tested 15 times, I had 3 tests over 10 Mbps, all during my LNFZ, and only 7 tests over 5 Mbps!   There were no  VS2 plans offered here and no plans over 12 Mbps.  As Ive said before ... LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  I am happy for those happy with their service, the  problem was so many subscribers paying the same  prices were NOT getting the same quality or performance and Viasat DIDNT care.

3 months gone and dont miss Viasat one bit!  I miss my 12 - 5 LNFZ occasionally but thats to be expected.  I have some data usage bugs to work through but as for speed .... right now during peak usage I am at 39 Mbps.

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