Liberty Plan and the Free Zone

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To those of you who are considering the Liberty Plan make sure it is what you want. Because on the classic there is no getting the LNFZ back. So if you are on the 15GB or 25GB If I were you I really wouldn't switch because you are giving up 5GB or 15GB if you decide you don't like the Liberty Plan. You can only switch to the Essential if you don't like the Liberty Plan. If you are on classic 10 you are sacrificing the Free Zone for an Early Bird Free Zone. Not to mention it costs a lot for the Liberty Plans.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Therein lies the rub of it....if you switch you cannot switch back.  Of course since I do not see any plans available still for my zip, I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of the statement above.  Again we will just have to see how things play out.
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Brian there should be plans in your area. Did you put your zip into, that will bring up the plans in your area.
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Hughesnet was one big BIG nightmare for us in Idaho and when we had it in Mexico also. BAD
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My concern is that while they claim the speeds will be between 1 to 5mb down, do they guarantee that it won't be below 1Mb down? And would games like World of Warcraft still work? What about the upload speed? Would that be reduced even lower or would it be at least 1Mb? I mean, its still faster than what I had the entire time I had Hughesnet (never got more than 300k dl speeds even with the 1.2Mb down plan).

As a Hughesnet survivor, I have to say to anyone who is considering using it-- DON'T do it! Their customer "service" is absolutely terrible. They outsource to India and you get people who barely speak English and who don't actually know anything-- they just read from scripts. They have a "deny everything" and blame the customer policy. Even when something is wrong on their end, they blame it on the customer and refuse to admit when something is wrong. If you get subjected to their "slowed" speeds (which meant NO speed on my connection) they won't let you speak to supervisors and will basically treat you like scum and hang up on you. I found out that even when I had not gone over my limit I was being secretly throttled and they refused to give me the speeds for which I was paying for. I ended up finding out by checking out the modem statistics and info on the advanced page and saw that I was being sneakily throttled. They really put the brakes on my connection after I made a complaint on DSLreports. It once took me 2 hours to explain a simple concept to one of their phone jockeys before the idiot finally got it. Some of them were just downright rude and one even shouted at me because he failed to comprehend what I was trying to explain and what I was saying didn't fit his script. I would NEVER go back to that company and, even though Exede is not perfect, I've had MUCH better customer service.

People with Hughesnet often get slower speeds than advertised and when they complain about the slow speeds, they are just told that speed is not guaranteed, but oh, they should upgrade to the higher plan because it will be better. But the higher plan doesn't guarantee higher speeds.

With Exede, I was getting faster speeds than advertised and the CS actually have senses of humor.

Anyway, I'm thinking of going to the Liberty plan, but I might miss my LNFZ.. As it is, I'm having to be awake right now to use the LNFZ, but it isn't great for my sleep schedule. But I do beta testing for games like WoW and sometimes they have like 20Gb patches for PTR...

I will say that I think the prices for the 12Gb liberty should be lower-- maybe $59 instead. I mean, its only 2Gb more than the 10 plan, and the LNFZ or earlybird plans are gone. Wish there was a way to keep LNFZ or EarlyBird and still have the Liberty Pass.
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There are extremely unhappy and happy customers for both Hughes and Exede.  It may depend on where you live and how full your beam is.  I knew someone where I used to live that could get WISP but had Hughes and loved it, the people that lived at this location where we live now also had Hughes and loved it and strongly encouraged us to go that way.  We went with Exede because the Evolution plan was a better fit for us at that time than anything Hughes was offering then.

That being said, I am now on the Liberty 12 plan and so far it was outstanding the first month.  We went over with 10 days remaining and never saw any performance change in our internet.  Speeds still tested around 10 mbps down.  I ran a couple videos just to test them and they streamed fine.  This time of year we are busy with a lot of outdoor things so we simply don't have time to stream movies so we definitely were in the light user category.

We were the type of user (and apparently from what one of the techs said on the board this is true for the majority of the customers) that the LNFZ was basically worthless to us.  I don't have the time to spend micro-managing videos and such.  I used it for updates to my computer to save data but basically I had quit watching any type of videos.  When i see a news video or similar I am interested in, I don't want to download it at night then watch it later, that defeats the purpose imo.  Now if I see a short video I feel like I can watch it.  I still set down the resolution to avoid pulling lots of data.  Also, the main type of streaming that interests us is streaming football and basketball games from my Alma Mater which obviously they don't play during the LNFZ. ;)

The thing to remember about the Liberty plans is that they data they give you is different than classic plans.  The "priority data" is data that guarantees you the higher speeds, once you go over you now continue to have access but your speeds may be slower when the beam is busy.  So in short they are somewhat of an unlimited plan as long as you don't abuse the system and become a data hog.  You will note that they say heavy users will experience slower speeds than light users so I am guessing they have a way to slow down people that try to monopolize the system.

I am not sure how your 20 GB downloads would work on this plan when you have them,  I am thinking if you can do those at times other than during the busy hours which they say tend to be from 5 pm to 3 am you probably would get along fine.  That would be a good question for a moderator to answer on how well Liberty works for people that have that type of download needs from time to time.  Other than that question I am thinking you'd be very pleased with the Liberty plan.
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Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your feedback in regards to the Liberty Plan. This package is essentially a great option for those who have it available with their area.  The Exede Liberty Plans give you and your family more access to the internet, starting with a set amount of Priority Data that comes with our best, 12 Mbps speeds. What’s great about Liberty is that, even if you go over your monthly data allowance, you’ll get the Liberty Pass, which will allow you to use more data at download speeds of 1 to 5 Mbps.
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Joshua, your points are certainly valid and correct. Here's something our colleague Chris said over on the other forum, that I think conveys the benefits pretty clearly:

Myself, I just hit my 12 GB limit on Liberty and it's 6:30PM in Denver. If this was last week (prior to Liberty), I would be confined to very basic web browsing and emails. Otherwise, I'd have to Buy More data or wait until midnight to do anything.

Today, I am getting speeds of around 5 Mbps, watching videos (albeit not HD) and listening to Pandora. I think that's pretty awesome, compared to the alternative.
There are people who have their LNFZ use so beautifully dialed in currently that they're much better off staying with what they have, and they're mostly the folks on this forum. The majority of our users are not scheduling things for the LNFZ, staying up to use the net after midnight, etc. so this is a better fit for them.

Either way, I hope you understand that we are trying to manage the limited capacity that satellites provide the best way we can. We want everyone to have a positive experience and it takes lots of network management in all sorts of ways to make that a reality.

Check out Chris' full post here:
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They say your speeds will be between 1-5 Meg. I had JUST gone over my 18 gig limit two nights ago, and my speed was reduced to almost half of the 1 almost instantly, so I'm not even getting the 1-5 speed they're promising after just going over my limit.

We were still allowed full speeds between 12-5, even if we'd gone over, and there was no limit on how much you used during that time. For me, and how my family used the other plan, that's what we really needed. We won't be able to even watch any movies now because of the drastically reduced speeds.

And as I stated, since I'm disabled, I'm on the computer all the time, so it's not hard for me to use the 18 myself before the month is half gone-and I don't even watch movies when it's just me here. People who have DSL are able to completely do away with their cable or tv satellite, because they have no speed reduction or limit to what they use. For people who are in the country, we're just taken advantage of, as they know we have a very limited access to internet.

 I will be happy to switch over to Hughesnet to get 65 Gig of full speed, unlike Exede, where I can only get 18 for basically the same cost. Exede is not doing it's customers ANY favors with this plan, and Hughesnet will likely be getting a lot of Exede's unhappy customers.

I had always tried to get others to switch to Exede, because I felt they did more right by their customer base, and I succeeded in getting several to switch over. I will no longer recommend them, and I know for a fact they are going to lose some of the ones who switched.
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DSL is a totally different technology.  You are getting digital internet through your phone line with that which is backed by massive trunk lines.  With satellite you are limited the the ability of the bird in the sky.  So they have to take that ability and divide that out between all 650k customers so everyone has to learn to share.  Now why your speeds dropped that much while on the pass I'm not sure only exede could answer that question.
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I understand the difference between DSL and satellite, but my point remains the same as far as what we're getting for the price we pay.

And yeah, my speeds dropping so significantly immediately after going over is a lot of the reason I'm so upset--there's no excuse for that.
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Hughes offers so much data because they are so slow.  They'll offer 50 GB but on a solid download at their speed it will take all month to use that much data.  They can't loose but you better have a lot of  patience.
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When was the last time you tried Hughes? From what I understand, they did have that issue before, but have gotten it resolved recently? My mom had it 3 years ago, and super slow speeds were why I talked her into Exede. But I called just today, and they explained that it's different now. So do you have current knowledge of this issue still going on?
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So i switch to the liberty 10 and pay 10$ more a they don't tell you that liberty pass works only during the day and not at night i am at work during the my speed is the same as the old plan i was on.liberty plan is not worth it  
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If your beam is congested, speeds will be low during the times when there are people using the internet.  It won't matter what plan you are on.

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