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Here are some questions that I thought several members might have so am asking them here.   I also have sent an email to exede listens with some more account specific questions, if non of the reps  have seen it please indicate here and I'll try resending.

First...if we change to a Liberty Plan does that lock us into a new 2 year contract?

Is the speed strictly throttled if you go over to stay below 5 mbps at all times or can it go higher during slower times?

Is the so called "priority data" used up first for all activities or is the use of that restricted to the daytime hours, or more specifically is there any way on this plan to schedule updates to use the slower speed and conserve the higher speed allotment for higher priority tasks like working from home for instance?

Having lived with a WISP provider for several years with a maximum speed of 5 mbps and loved it I am thinking this plan might be very workable depending how how severely the latency impacts things.  I will say that the other night I noticed pages were a bit sluggish to load and when I checked it showed a download speed of 0.9 mbps.  For me, that was just fine as I was still very able to use the connection.  If Liberty Pass can perform in a similar fashion I'd be happy with it.
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If I read it right, it's NOT 5Mbs, it's 1 to 5Mbps and can go lower (a lot lower) depending how loaded the network is, like maybe almost unusable from 5:00pm to 2:00 am.  and no LNFZ.

From Exede -

"Liberty Pass speeds will vary based on the time of
day and your geographic location, and may be extremely slow when the network is busy, typically in the evening
hours (about 5:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. local time), which may greatly impair your ability to use the internet. Liberty Pass
users will receive lower priority on our network than subscribers who have not exceeded their data allowance or other
data threshold, which will likely cause Liberty Pass users to experience slower speeds during periods of congestion
than subscribers who have not exceeded their monthly data allowance or usage threshold."
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So from what I read here, Liberty Pass users get double DAP'd once they exceed their CAPs.  They get usable, but throttled speeds when there is available BW, but when congestion occurs then they get the net same effect they probably get now when DAP'd on a classic plan.

This is all conjecture since there are no hard guarantees written into anything that I can see.  It is the potential to get 1-5 Mbps and then lower during congested times.  It will be hard for me to walk away from a 15 GB Classic plan with the LNFZ for this offering. 

We will have to see if further clarification comes out concerning the details, but so far the wording with the Liberty plan is the fuzziest I have seen so far from Exede.  
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I agree Brian, that is the biggest problem for me too.  They are evasive on what this plan really is giving the customer.  Since the LNFZ has no real value for me unless they can say that 95% or higher I'd be at least around 1 mbps I'm probably going to jump ship to Hughes Ultra plan soon.
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I wouldn't call it double DAP'd, but there are two sets of expectations with Liberty Pass.  

(1) When the network isn't busy:  We are setting the expectation that speeds will be 1-5Mbps on average.  If you recall, we also set the expectation of 12 Mbps download speeds when you have data, but as many of our customers see, speeds often burst substantially higher. Liberty Pass will see similar periods where speeds can go higher.  

(2) When the network is busy: Customers with Priority Data remaining get the bandwidth first (hence "priority" in the name).  Therefore, speeds can go below 1 Mbps today.  These speeds are essentially the same as the DAP enforcement on our Classic plans.  But, as soon as bandwidth is available, we'll give it to Liberty Pass.  

Since during most of the Free Zone hours (after 2am) are typically not busy on the network, you should get good Liberty Pass speeds there too.  So, even though the Free Zone is not on the Liberty Plans, Liberty Pass will still give you the ability to continue doing most of the activities you enjoy during the old Free Zone times.
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Jacqueline, thanks for the questions.

  1. Switching to the Liberty plans will not start your contract over or require a new contract.
  2. It is not throttled at 5Mbps during off-peak times, so you may have faster speeds than that. You also should not receive lower than 1Mbps 18 hours out of the day, and possibly more, depending on saturation.
  3. Priority Data is anytime, there is no sort of free zone with Liberty plans. The upside is that even if you use up all of your Priority Data, your speeds will still be manageable the majority of the day. The difference with Priority Data is the network will make sure you're getting your full speeds, whereas the Liberty Pass time will be according to what is available.
We're very open to feedback and discussion on these plans, and our Exede product guy is posting over here if you'd like to see more good information.
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All we need is 15Gb at 1-5 Mps at the same price as I now pay, I'll take the slower bus to see more of the scenery
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I think I'll stay where I am now and save $20/mo
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I had excde for three years before .I had the free unlimited zone 12am to 5 am..We used that time to update apps,download games ect..This was $60.80 a month,not bad priced for 10 gig,with the unlimited time zone.Unfortunately our modem quit.I called customer service to get it fixed,they told me it would be seven to ten days to get service man out.So i decided to cancel and return the equipment.I ordered hughs,they installed the next day and gave us 30 day trial.Hughes had 10 gig data with 50 gig bonus.Kept it for couple weeks,realized it was not as fast as what i had before and had limited data,so we called to get excede back.I could not get excede i had three weeks ago.Now we have this liberty plan ,that was not explained properly by our local dealer.Bill is now $86 .Now five days. later i realize going back to excede liberty was probably a huge mistake.signing up for two year deal with a sketchy data plan speed plan.I have had to reboot the modem several times in the five days we have had it.Not satisfied with it at all.
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We are very satisfied with Liberty.  We were over out data cap with 10 days left one month and saw no change in our ability to access the internet and stream even during prime time.  Just last month I was over again with a couple days left and was able to stream again on the Liberty pass and continue to surf normally.  For the majority of people who want to just have a "normal" internet use experience Liberty is perfect.  If you are one of the few people that has heavy downloading requirements and need the higher speeds they still offer the "Essential 10" with free time from 3 am to 8 am.  As for you having to reboot your modem, I would wonder if it has something to do with an install problem or a faulty modem?  I doubt it has anything to do with the Liberty Plan as we have never had to reboot our modem before or after we got on Liberty.  Good luck resolving your problems.
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Thanks Exede Beau for the information, your response is much appreciated.

I am about to hit my Liberty Pass with about 5 days left in my billing cycle and I'm very interested to see how it will go.

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