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So tell me if I understand right, the Liberty pass allows me to still use the Internet at a slower speed without charging any extra correct?
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Posted 3 years ago

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That is correct; however, your speeds will vary widely (some might say wildly) depending on how heavily loaded your assigned spot beam is with other subscribers - speeds are both throttled and de-prioritized when on Liberty pass.

For example and when on Liberty Pass, my speeds vary from .2 Mbps (yes that is point two) on up to 5-6 Mbps or even more on the rare occasion. The lower speeds occur during prime time while better speeds occur during non-peak usage periods.
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FWIW, I find even .2 Mbps to be usable for browsing and email (using a desktop client) - but admittedly I go to some extremes to eliminate all of the useless traffic that appears on today's web sites (ads, videos, bloated and abusive java script, etc.) - I treat Liberty Pass as a simple lifeline tiding me over until a data reset for a few days and have the luxury of shifting usage to the day time hours.

By eliminating the useless traffic, it minimizes my number of dropped packets during congested periods, which appear to be the biggest problem with usability (i.e connection quality is more important than speed in this case).
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Would you mind sharing or explaining the kind of extremes you use to eliminate ads, videos, java script and general CRAP while surfing?? And if they might be useful for an iPad or iPhone?
That is all I use for my internet and email, and I only have one content blocking app that I guess works ... Haven't really noticed honestly.
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Tamara, I prefer UBlock or UBlock Origin for the computer and,  AdGuard for iPhone. I don't use an Android device so, have no clue what's best for that. 
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a lot of those can also be added on like as a Chrome Browser (or Firefox) add-on. I use U-block personally. 
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Yes. No charges. But it's practically useless with speed.
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Whoa there - Liberty Pass is still very useable for task such as email, web browsing, and during non peak useage hours for viewing small/short videos.  For my needs I cna get most of my normal internet task done.  Occassionally during peak hours some websites wbe pages take too long to load.  Some of those are trying to load ads, load and start short videos ( I try to avoid those even when I'm not on Liberty Pass).  Oh yes - I'm currently on liberty Pass with a reset on the 20th.
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The speed on Liberty Pass all depends on beam congestion. I install in two beam areas, the primary beam where most of my installs fall into maintains pretty decent speeds during Liberty Pass....if no other device is using the internet at the time I have many customers who say they can still stream Netflix but if any other device is using the internet then they start experiencing buffering. The beam I rarely install in gets very slow after you go into Liberty Pass.

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I think everyone described our Liberty pass well. I would advise during peak hours (5pm-12am or so) it could slip below the 1-5mbps range but you can always buy more priority data or change plans as well. For more information please visit 
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I find that Liberty pass works well for me during non peak hours when I use it the most.
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Like Andy says, it all comes down to the beam you are on. I know I am on a VERY congested beam. Therefore i utilize the classic plan manage big downloads with the Free Zone. If your beam isn't that congested, Liberty or better yet Freedom would be your best options.