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I'd like to know why I can't get a technician to come to my house and fix my internet it's been over two months each time I call I have an operator try to talk myself or my husband through it then they want us to hook up to a laptop or a home pc we own neither. I'm about ready to call the better business bureau..this is illegal. I just want my internet to work I'm paying you enough I even PAY THE INSURANCE FOR THE TECH SUPPORT GUY TO COME OUT IF I HAVE PROBLEMS
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Posted 2 years ago

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Angie, what IS connected to your internet? Normally people use internet for computers, among other devices and, yes a computer is needed for basic troubleshooting. The first thing that needs to happen is for the connection to be tested with a computer wired to the modem via an Ethernet cable.

If you cannot do this, you can try emailing your account and contact information to and, ask them if there is any way they can troubleshoot without a computer but, that won't be easily done.
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 They need to decide if the problem is at your end. Or exedes end. A tech can not due anything about a problem on exedes end. That is why you need to do these tests.
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Angie. Using one of your devices, open the browser, Safari if you have an Apple product, and type in 
You'll then be able to tap the modem tab and see what the figures are.
Is your modem the one that has the router built in? If the router is separate then try rebooting your modem AND router. All routers are different but if it's a Netgear you should end up with two greens and a blue on the front.

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Based on my personal experience with the "EasyCare" there was nothing easy about it. The rep was rude, basically told me to shut up. Anyway, I think they are attempting to do in their own special way is to determine if the issue is the modem/router or your network. They can only "see" their side of things, which basically is not much. When I called, they said that I wasn't active for 18 days, which was definitely not true. If you are really annoyed, call them and tell them you want to have your dish repointed. If you have EasyCare, you can have that done once per year for free I believe. That way, a tech has to come out and verify that you have internet access. At that point, if they can connect and your can't, it's something with your device(s), which the tech will not address. If it is your device can't, I know that Best Buy has a tech department that will come out to your house (though you have to pay $$$$). 
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I had connection problems, went through hours of talking with techs, they came to the house more than once, declared it working (which it wasn't) and did a lot of damage to my house which they of course denied. My advise is drop them and find another way. It is likely to be cheaper for you in the end.
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Hi Angie,

We can arrange for a service call if you'd like. I would HIGHLY recommend getting EasyCare prior to emailing us at This will make the service call free. As for scheduling, if you've been rescheduled we can maybe look into seeing if we can set you up with another dealer. 
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I scheduled a technician to come out to my house and somehow give me move cable. When my internet was installed, they only gave me two feet above my floor boards if I'm lucky. I'm very limited as to where I can place my box and it over heats. Anyways after making the appointment and waiting two hours beyond said time, I got a call telling me everything showed okay on their end and they hung I continue to have the same problem and they continue to collect the extra fee for insurance. I pay $106 a month and half the time my internet or phone doesn't work. They gouge the people who they know have no other choice but them. Very disappointed and can't wait until something new is available.
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This I s do redicules you have no problem taking my money but cannot place a ticket to repair the problem