Leaving the Exede Family - Thanks for the Past Service

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After 5 years(ish) of service I called to cancel my service today as it renews tomorrow and I did not want to continue with the service any longer and get charged for a service I no longer am using.

I switched to a newly available non-satellite provider about 2 weeks ago and have been thrilled with the difference it has made to us.  Don't get me wrong, Exede has been great and honestly I would have stayed with them if they had been able to handle the new plans they offered in my area, but alas the 50 GB plans they offered just couldn't keep up with demand at this time.  I am sure it will be fine with the new satellite, but I can't wait another 6 months for that and keep having the problems I had been experiencing with the congestion on my Beam (329).

So to all those that my be in my Beam area, you have one less person consuming bandwidth in the evenings.  Perhaps that will give you enough to do the things I could not :).

One question to any of the Exede reps here.  Since my billing date is tomorrow and I cancelled today, I should not get any further charges.  Is that correct?
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Brian Shackelford

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Posted 3 years ago

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Brian, I'm sorry to see you go but, happy that you now have a no satellite option available and are enjoying your new ISP.

I believe you are correct, no more Exede/Viasat bills unless you fail to return the modem and TRIA.
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ask them to send you a box to return the stuff and ask about something on the sattielte itself they want back!!!!!!! or they charge you 300.00 i love my new internet servivce att uverse and its unlimited data
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get a confirmation when you send the equipment back also at the post office, signature confirmation or something along those lines and a tracking number.
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Really pleased you have a land based connection!
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Brian Shackelford

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Unfortunately it is not land based, but it is not satellite.  Latency is about 58 ms and download speeds remain consistent throughout the day, evening, and night which is terrific.  
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As long as it was cut off before the billing date you're all clear!! Thanks for all the input in your past posts as well!
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Thanks Brian, best of luck with your new ISP!
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Brian, your analytical on speeds and times of day let many members realize that they were in the same boat with you, and was partly responsible for me never leaving the classic 25 plan, lol.

My speeds have always been relatively good and the midnight free zone with 6 computers is hard to give up, 4 are windows 10.

I am little on the old school side, a bird in the hand mentality.

So what is this other ISP you are shifting too?

In any case, good luck, Au revoir,
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Like johnny c wants to know,  so do I - what new service do you have? I live near you so am very interested. No judgment on your data usage, but you leave and have available the Freedom 150.  ;-)
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Spinninghorse - 

I don't want to divulge a competitor's product here on Exede's forum for the sake of just being considerate, but you can email me at brian.shackelford@gmail.com (my give to everyone email account that I don't care if spammers send stuff) and I can discuss more.  When I canceled the service, the Freedom 150 was not available and even it if was my speeds had dropped so far down that they were unusable during peak times.  Signal was good, everything was working, just in the evenings it was not usable.  As a interesting side point, Exede seemed to make some adjustments that allowed streaming to work even when regular data usage for downloads would not.

The service I have now has comparable speeds, no monthly equipment rental.  Cost me about $150.00 for the additional pieces I need and run off of cell towers.  I get 12 Mbps on the slow end in the evenings and close to 30 Mpbs outside those times.  My wife and daughter and son can stream 3 different shows on three different systems and only occasionally might I see a pause.  Even then my speed tests with all three going run 2 to 3 Mbps from a fourth device.  VPN works, sites are snappy and life is good.  Just to compare I tried downloads a 1.3 GB ISO in the evening on Exede and it was going to take about an hour.  Same file on the new service 13 minutes.  That was about 4 weeks ago.

Maybe I was the last one on the system that needed to leave before they had the capacity for Freedom?  That would be something lol.  I checked before I cancelled and it still wasn't available for me.

The company I got service from is telling me they are doing a LOT in Louisa, VA so maybe between that and Hughesnet Exede has opened a lot of capacity.

Johnny C - 

I suspect that there are different bandwidth management policies or bands or something used for Liberty / Freedom vs Classic plans which is why your speeds are probably still pretty good while those on the Liberty were having issues.  Once the new bird is in the air if I have any issues with the new service I might come back to Exede, but for now the service works great.

Thank You,
Brian Shackelford